We have an Urgent Positions in Metro Manila or NCR for Call Center Job.

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Call Center/ BPO Job Urgent Hiring for 2017

We are Hiring for Call Center Agent which is also known as the following:

1.) Customer Service Representative.

2.) Technical Support Specialist

3.) Non Voice Accounts.

NOTE: In case you will not make it for the voice account assessment, Please don't be discourage because you can ask our recruiters you want to be profiled for "Non Voice Accounts. Most of our account is voice.


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1.) Comcast

2.) Sprint

3.) Collection for both inbound and outbound

4.) AT & T

5.) Virgin Mobile UK

6.) Australian Accounts

7.) Travel Accounts

8.) Technical Accounts

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1.) At Least 18 years Old and above

2.) Good Communication skills in English

3.) at Least second year in College

4.) 6 months call center experience is a Plus Factor but not necessary.


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Package Remuneration (Salary)

1.) You will receive P18,000 Basic salary which is Taxable & 2K Non Taxable Allowance Plus 20% Night differential which is equivalent to More than P25k Gross in Pesos/ Monthly wage BUT depending on the kind of account as some account gives higher package.

In other words there are accounts that gives 25k basic Plus 2000 Allowance and 20% Night differentials and that is equivalent to  P32K Gross /Monthly

You will be profiled based on the Interviews & assessments.

2.) Free Medicard as high as 200k per illness but not less than 150k

3.) Free Insurance from 300K to 1 Million depending upon tthe account

4.) work is 8 hours /day only as mandated by Philippine Labor code.

In case you will be profiled to Australian accounts, your shift will be on day time.

Please take note that you cannt choose your account however if that account you choose meets your requirements then there is a chance.

For US and UK  Accounts will start  either 6PM or 10PM but there will be rotations of schedule especially when you are already regular employees but all type of account is only up to 8 hours work/ day.

Again, USA & UK accounts is purely Night shift but there is 20% night differentials.

5.) Upon Regularization, there are countless Benefits and even includes travel Abroad depending on the account you will be profiled.

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****NO FEES MUST BE COLLECTED FROM THE APPLICANTS*****    In case anyone will use this website but He/ She is asking for a fee or payment for the Call center job you applied here, kindly report it to us because it is a "Bogus" & most of all,  it is not us.

This is a Paid Advertisement directly from the BPO company Insider to process your application faster should you qualify. In the event you will not qualify, you may re-apply after one month and or 3 months, depending on the clients which is based offshore. You will be notified

 Please send your resume at globaldata911@gmail.com only and we will surely get back to you with 100% endorsement from Employee insider


Best Regards!


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