Another RUSSIAN Air Strike in Syria Killing 30 Israeli, US, Saudi, and British officers believed to be providing intelligence and support to ISIS militants in Syria, according to reports.

A still image, taken from video footage released by the Russian Defence Ministry on 16 August 2016, shows a Russian Tupolev Tu-22M3 long-range
 bomber based in Iran dropping bombs on an unknown location in Syria

Russian President has only One word and One Warning then blast follows. Puting declared a "NO FLY ZONE in SYRIA but that does not mean they can go underground. UN with US allied Forces faithful to Obama clinton led Coalition has just ended more than On hundred live from a state of the Art Conventional Missiles fired by Russia. A Report said the hidden camp of UN-US Obama Clinton Allied forces has all came into "ashes" in the Powerful blast. The European Union (EU) conducted a Massive Protest of the treacherous surprise attacked by Russian

The deadly strike came after Vladimir Putin issued new “rules of engagement” in Syria, with the Russian president vowing to “shoot down” any aircraft threatening the Syrian army on Syrian land.

The military operations room was reportedly located in the western part of Aleppo province in the middle of Sam’an mountain. It was set up by foreign intelligence services in order to coordinate operations of various militant and jihadi groups operating against the Syrian government forces in the provinces of Aleppo and Idlib.

Most of the pro-government media outlets cite the Arabic-language service of the Russian Sputnik news agency as a main source of the information.


Russian Strikes Missile Attacks to US-Nato Allied Forces, killed 80 Special Forces Inside Syria

© Минобороны России


The US and its allies  had  established a Field Operations Room in the Aleppo region integrated by intelligence personnel. Until it was targeted by a Russian missile attack this year,  this “semi-secret” facility was operated by US, British, Israeli, Turkish, Saudi and Qatari intelligence personnel.  

According to Fars News, this intelligence facility was attacked by Russia in the immediate wake of the US Air Strikes against Syrian SAA forces at Deir Ezzor in support of the ISIS-Daesh terrorists. The Russian warships stationed in Syria’s coastal waters targeted and destroyed a foreign military operations room, killing over two dozen Israeli and western intelligence officers”

“The Russian warships fired three Caliber missiles at the foreign officers’ coordination operations room in Dar Ezza region in the Western part of Aleppo near Sam’an mountain, killing 30 Israeli and western officers,”

The operations room was located in the Western part of Aleppo province in the middle of sky-high Sam’an mountain and old caves. The region is deep into a chain of mountains.

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Putin Says:" He Can Destroy America in half an hour or less

Russia's Advance Nuke Weapon arsenal has been developed and increased its capabalities to destroy a nation and end the world in few hours. Russia is now angry and is ready to face the US at any time and any cost.


President of Russia Vladimir Putin has claimed that he could destroy America easily if he wanted.

Those who have been paying any attention to politics know that Putin is a potential danger not only to Russia itself but also to America. Jokes have been made about how Putin banned memes of himself, and how the American people ought to be sharing them anyway. While these jokes are all in good fun, it is important to realize that Putin is limiting his people’s right to speak. This can be very dangerous and is often the first step of a dictatorship.

Russia has also been very outspoken about America trying to spread an American version of democracy through the Middle East. Russia believes that America is sticking its nose where it does not belong and that it is causing more problems than it is worth. To make matters worse, the American military claims it may have attacked Syria in an attempt to attack an ISIS group. If this is true, America will be responsible for over 60 deaths and many men harmed, on top of unnecessary destruction. The following comes from a post titled: The Real Reason Putin Hates Obama and Clinton, and Wants Trump To Win.

US gets "NO Fly Zone" in Syria as PUTIN also Promised Palestine can built their " Independent State" citing Israel and US will Face NUKE Blast should they touch both Syria and Palestine

Putin Warn the US never to cross Syria or else it will be the beginning of WW3. It appears today "Putin" is acting as the United Nation because he is now the world's Arbiter and US is believe to be very much afraid of Putin.   Russia has beaten the United States to a key strategy in Syria with its new ability to create a no-fly zone, delivered by a new S-300 surface-to-air missile system, according to military analysts

Look, what the US led Obama -Hillary did to innocent Gaddafi's Murder. They accused the Libyan leader not as a Terrorist but a Dictator yet realized later he was not a dictator. Where is Human Rights here? watch video

Colonel Gaddafi died after being stabbed with bayonet, says report
Gaddafi Pleads to Obama and Clinton and the US admisnitration saying:" What have I done to you? US Obama and Hillary Administration is the number one Human Rights violators in the World and notbecause Gaddafi leader of Libya is Muslim means he is already terrorsit and this is one thing the UN and EU must do something why they allowed the US do this to Libya? Is it because of Oil? or just a simple instinct of Invasion?
This could happen to Duterte if we will not do something to this abusive western superpower.
Russia and China must do something and US and its allied must pay the crimes they have done in the world for centuries most especially when they threw ATOMIC BOMB  to Japan killing innocent civilians. 
The report is based on video evidence and witness accounts of the dictator’s last moments Photo: STR/AFP

In the most definitive account to date of his final moments, Human Rights Watch (HRW) says Gaddafi was injured by shrapnel from a hand grenade that exploded yards from him as he tried to escape his home town of Sirte.

He was then stabbed in the rear with a bayonet by one of his rebel captors, causing catastrophic loss of blood, the report says. The former dictator may already have been dead by the time a bullet was apparently fired into his head.

The report also says that rebels executed Gaddafi’s son Muttasim and dozens of their followers.

The doctor who later carried out the post mortem examination on 69-year-old Gaddafi was threatened with death in order to keep his findings quiet, it says.

HRW researchers worked for a year to compile today’s report, which is based on video evidence and witness accounts of the dictator’s last moments. The group said it had obtained raw, unedited mobile phone footage of the three minutes and 38 seconds that followed his capture.


As they led him on to a main road, one of the fighters stabbed Gaddafi with a bayonet, while others assaulted him, before he was loaded into an ambulance and taken to the city of Misurata, a trip of two hours.

“Video footage, obtained by Human Rights Watch, taken at the scene of his capture appears to show Muammar Gaddafi’s nearly naked and apparently lifeless body being loaded into an ambulance, suggesting that he may have been dead by the time he left the area of his capture,” the report says

Peter Bouckaert, the emergencies director at Human Rights Watch, said: “Our findings call into question the assertion by Libyan authorities that Muammar Gaddafi was killed in crossfire, and not after his capture.”

Of the remaining 150 members of the convoy, up to 66 Gaddafi loyalists were shot and killed at the Mahari Hotel just outside the city of Sirte. Others were taken to Misurata and killed.


Gaddafi Killed by US led Obama -Hillary without Mercy


Vladimir Putin has said Russia will fight for an independent Palestinian state, and called for the issues of the Middle East to be resolved through peaceful means.

Despite international criticism over Russia’s own role in the Ukrainian crisis, Mr Putin was hailed last week by a St Petersburg Cossack group for his ability to “bring order and stop wars”.

In an address to the Arab League summit in Egypt on Saturday, Mr Putin spoke against foreign intervention in countries’ internal disputes and spoke of the role Russia can play in diplomatic channels.

While Russia openly opposes the stance of US-backed Israel on the Gaza crisis, its position in the Middle East is complicated. Mr Putin is one of Iran’s key allies, but as he spoke on Saturday the core nations of the Arab League engaged in air strikes on the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.

His attempts to urge a peaceful solution in Yemen haven’t had much of an immediate impact – on Sunday, the Arab League agreed to the creation of a joint military forces comprised of around 40,000 elite troops to resolve the future “challenges” of the Middle East.

As one of the “Quartet” entities involved in Middle East peace negotiations, Russia has played a key role in talks about the fallout of last year’s Gaza crisis.

He told the summit this weekend: “Palestinians have the right to establish an independent and habitable state with a capital in East Jerusalem.

“Russia will continue to contribute to achieving this goal through bilateral and multilateral channels,” he said.

Last month, the Quartet of the US, EU, UN and Russia issued a joint statement after a meeting in Germany to express their frustration at the breakdown of talks in Israel.

Both sides left the negotiating table with Palestinians angry at continued building on Jewish settlements in occupied territory and Israel objecting to the idea of Hamas entering the Palestinian government, Reuters reported.

All four Quartet members reiterated that talks must respect both Israel’s concerns over security and Palestinian demands for statehood.

“The Quartet is deeply concerned over the difficult situation in Gaza where the pace of reconstruction needs to be accelerated to address the basic needs of the Palestinian population and to ensure stability,” the statement read.



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As a Palestinian, please Putin stay out of it. We don't require support that crosses over the dead bodies of the innocent souls of Aleppo. 
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Putin seems to be the only clear-thinking diplomat in the jungle.
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Nothing you say will stop this. It's already in motion.
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