Filipinos to Trump & Putin: Please Put a STOP on United Nations For Harassing Philippine President Duterte. Get Out in US and Philippines!

The United Nation has already loose its' teeth when Trump pay a snub on them. Just like many Filipinos asking Trump & Putin: Please Put a STOP on United Nations For Harrassing Philippine Pesident Duterte. Get Out in US and Philippines! The UN has no more Jurisdiction over the Philippines as well as in the USA and is in danger for Russia Attack.

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Filipino Blogger: The Problems with Filipinos Abroad as I was working there for 10 years is Filipinos hates Filipinos and most of all, Filipinos Destroys their own kind by selling Overstaying Filipinos to US Immigration in exchange of a fee.

Filipino Blogger: The problems with Filipino Abroad as I was working there for 10 years is Filipinos hates Filipinos and most of all, Filipinos Destroys their own kind by selling to US Immigration for a Fee. Today, Look at ths Filipino Lawyer, He destroys his own kind. His country and the President despite knowing that the President is very effective and was seen in just a span of 100 days crime and drugs drops 60%

It is very hard why filipinos destroys their own kind. They look high on the white people not knowing it is the white men who just looks down on them and still they live in pity. No wonder our President wants the white out of the country so to change the Filipino culture here and abroad.  Many filipinos will sell you alive for a fee and never trust filipinos abroad because we inherite the culture of Inferiority bashing same filipinos and looking them down not thinking that they are also filipinos. 

Ted Laguatan a lawyer based in the San Francisco area who has not been to the Philippines for a long time and had no idea on what's going on in our country has decided to write a hit piece against Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte. It was posted on Inquirer entitled "Demonic forces engulfing PH — Duterte should resign."

He said, "The world’s good and decent people should force President Rodrigo Duterte to resign. It’s also for his own good. I don’t hate Duterte. But I hate his terrible sins. For his own sake, I hope that he amends his evil ways and saves his soul as his days are numbered. No one is beyond redemption if he turns to our Lord Jesus Christ."

"It is the moral obligation of the Catholic Church and other Christian churches and all sincere genuine Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and all good human beings to protest and fight against the violence and fear that Duterte has inflicted and will continue to inflict on the Filipino people. To remain silent in the face of pure evil is tantamount to supporting and abetting that evil", he added. 

So how about all those victim by these criminals? Where was Ted Laguatan when people are being killed, raped, and massacred by these drug addicts?

Ted Laguatan is a Filipino American who look down on people living in the Philippines, since he thinks that he's better than all the Filipinos here because he's living in the US. You can email this idiot here Email oh you can see his attack piece here: A US Fil-Am Lawyer Ask Duterte to Resign

Philippine President Duterte is hated by the Elite because He is Pro-Poor President Evidence since He was a Mayor of Davao. He Don't Play Politics with the Rich & Powerful but happy to eat vegetable with the Poor

Many people from the Elite and Social Class are disgusted with Mayor Duterte for not giving in to their demands such as Illegal Contracts, Business, and many more. He won the Heart of the Filipinos in Davao City and He stay in Power as Mayor of the said City for 20 Years.

He fought crimes to the last end of the card until he made Davao City the 4th Most Safest City in the world where many Tourist are visiting. Filipinos are not surprise why Obama and The Liberal party as well as Big Time Business men are annoyed with Duterte because Duterte cannot be bought by anything. He is naturally born a "Principled man" with simple dreams but reaches the level of a career higher than the stars in the sky but he never aimed for it rather Destiny brought him there and now he is the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

He hated Evil doers and cminality and no one is surprise because after he won the Elections as Philippine President, Big Time Criminals Like Drug lords on the loose flees the country and migrated abroad in fear of President Duterte. They knew he cannot be bought. Duterte is priceless guy. He is not very happy with wealth despite born in a rich family as his father was a Governor and a Cabinet member of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.


(WIKIPEDIA says: Duterte made Davao 4th Safest City in the world.)--"Crime drops 49% after elected President.- Big-time Druglords & Oppositions allegedly Paid $Billions to UN, US Independent group & a false Hit-man to testify."

 WIKIPEDIA is an Encyclopedia shortening the issue which is called "Wiki".  Wikipedia bares that Duterte made Davao 4th Safest City globally and the Crime drops 49% in 50 days after Duterte elected President.-

It is also a very big issue today that the allege Opposition who is at the same time a drug protector together with Druglords Spends $Billons to Hunt Duterte using UN, US, hired false Hitman.

An allege False Hitman was desperately hired by Philippine Opposition in fear of going to jail soon as Duterte's campaign against Drug crimes and Corrupption is going as fast like bullet hittig allegedly thousands of criminal which includes Policemen which has been killed in a legitimate operation in 60 days span of time as for today September 17, 2016.

The allege Druglords flees the country and more than 700,000 criminals surrenders, arrested and some were killed in self defense by Philippine National Police and Drug Enforcement Operatives.

The Vice President of the Philippines who is an opposition went to the US in order to allegedly destroy the name of the President as instructed by the Philippine Oppositions allegedly because of fear as they are in the list for graft and corruption charges which estimate a punishment of "Death Penalty".

Recently, the allege Anti-Duterte hirred a New York Based Independent group to investigate president Duterte for the allege "Extra-Judicial Killings and Hired a false Hitman.

Duterte Wants US Forces Out of South Philippines.



The Philippine president says he wants all U.S. forces out of his country's south, where they have been advising local troops battling Muslim extremists.

Speaking before newly-appointed government officials Monday, Rodrigo Duterte blamed the U.S. for the restiveness of Muslim militants in the region, marking the first time he has publicly opposed the presence of American troops in the country.

Duterte did not set any deadline or say how the withdrawal would proceed, but said the Americans were high-value targets for the Islamic State-linked Abu Sayyaf as counterinsurgency operations intensify.

“Those special forces, they have to go, they have to go... I do not want a rift with America, but they have to go...It will just get more tense. If they [Muslim militants] see Americans there, they will really kill them. They will try to get ransom, then kill them," he said.

The State Department characterized Duterte's comments as "unhelpful."

State Department spokesman John Kirby said, “We're not aware of any official communication by the Philippine government to that effect and to seek that result .... More critically, we are going to remain committed to our alliance commitments in the Philippines.”

Duterte's statement came a week after his televised tirade against the U.S. and President Barack Obama, causing Obama to cancel their scheduled bilateral meeting at a summit in Laos. The two, however, later met informally during the summit.

Duterte has had a tumultuous relationship with the U.S. since becoming president in June and openly criticized U.S. security policies. During his election campaign, Duterte said he would chart a foreign policy that would not depend on America, the Philippines’ treaty ally.

In 2002, the U.S. military deployed troops to train, advise and provide intelligence and weapons to Philippine troops battling the al-Qaida-linked Abu Sayyaf militants in the southern Philippines.

When U.S. forces withdrew in February 2015, U.S. officials said a smaller contingent of military advisers would stay.

Some material for this report came from AP, AFP and Reuters.

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