(WATCH VIDEO) Philippine Senator Leila Delima, Best Known as the Narco-Politic Queen, Finally will Get "Warrant of Arrest" anytime on February 20, 2016 & onward as filed under Regular court

Court Raffles among Judges will start next week on February 20, 2016 onward and reassured warrant of arrest will be served with no "Bail" by the Court Judge who will be assigned for Delima's case for Drug Trafficking.

Philippine Senator Delima's days is finish as there will be no evil will last forever and go above goodness. She will suffer grinding her teeth like gnashing in hell for the crime she committed is none bailable. She was a tough Cruzader of "Human Rights" but she is also a Drug Coddler at the same time leading the National Bilibid Prison cell to be the place of Drugs Manufacturing and no one can touch it because she is one of the biggest advocate and Protector yet today everything ended by an issuing the order for his arrest anytime starting next week 2/20/2016

Former Magdalo Officer & now congressman Ex- Capt. Gary Alejano, a comrade of Trillanes & and a Loyal officer of the Oakwood Mutiny group who recently almost destabilized the government during Arroyo Admin defended Delima in the hearing.

It is not a surprise why this former Magdalo Soldier and part of the allege "Oakwood Mutiny" and a comrade of Senator Trillanes tries to destroy the hearing allegedly when he said that the witness is inconsistent even though all evidence is pointing to delima. In Short, This Congressman Gary Alejano is tagged as Trillanes Buddy and one of the allege "crocodile in Congress and must be investigated for storming the investigation.

Former Marine Captain Gary Cajolo Alejano who is now a congressman and part of the hearing against Senator leila Delima is now working hard to destroy the allege involvement of Senator Leila De Lima in the Drug case hearing as testified by DrugLord Inmate Jaybee Sebastian against delima.

The congressman who is a former member of the Magdalo group of Senator Trillanes is beginning to create storm in the investigation as he is an allege die hard for the Magdalo when he was still a Marine officer and is believe tto have no credibility to be part of the investigation body due to allege Bias and Anti Duterte

(Watch Video) Duterte: It was Trillanes who caused the Suicide of the late AFP General Angelo Reyes because of Putting Reyes into Shame in his Expose. Trillanes is an allege expert False Accuser

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It was Trillanes who caused the Suicide of the late AFP General Angelo Reyes because of Senate Investigation as He is an allege expert False Accuser and nw,  he is again doing it to many Leaders such as Binay, Duterte etc.

Trillanes is branded as an allege expert false accuser and he is always doing it as you can see the news. Just very recently, He exposed Duterte's BPI bank account allegedly to deduct votes as election is just a step away across the line but he was outsmarted by Duterte. 

Same thing he did to Binay but he failed as court ruling was in favor of Binay. 

A former Philippine military chief who had recently been accused of high-level corruption has died after apparently taking his own life.

Retired general Angelo Reyes is thought to have killed himself with a single gunshot to the chest.

In recent weeks, a Congressional inquiry has been hearing allegations of how Gen Reyes embezzled more than $1m (£620,000) from state funds.

Allegations of corruption often blight the poorly-paid, badly-equipped army.

Early on Tuesday, witnesses saw Gen Reyes arrive in a cemetery in Manila.

They said he went to his mother's grave, then sent his children back to the car, before a single shot rang out.



Angelo Reyes was one of the Philippines' most prominent and also most controversial generals.

He was made head of the armed forces in 2000 under the presidency of Joseph Estrada, but just a year later he joined opposition forces trying to force Mr Estrada out of office.

By changing allegiance to Gloria Arroyo, he became one of her closest allies. He was given a series of posts in government during her nine years as president - most notably as defence secretary.

Despite the scale of the corruption allegations against him, he remained widely respected by many military leaders, and flags are now flying at half-mast nationwide.

Those trying to examine the truth of the corruption claims are also mourning his passing. Gen Reyes must have known many bits of information useful to their investigation, and his secrets have died with him.

The 65-year-old was pronounced dead on arrival at a nearby hospital.

Gen Reyes was an influential figure; he was head of the armed forces under President Joseph Estrada, and went on to hold various government posts.

But recently he had been making headline news in a different way, says the BBC's Kate McGeown in Manila.

A former military budget officer told a Congressional hearing that several key army figures, including the general, had siphoned off enormous amounts of money for their own personal gain.

Gen Reyes is accused of getting more than $1m when he left his post - the amount allegedly had to be converted from Philippine pesos into dollars because it was too bulky to carry.

Corruption allegations against the uniformed forces are nothing new, although they rarely involve this amount of money.

Philippine Senator Trillanes to 200 Promoted AFP Generals: If "Lunatic President Duterte orders you to Fire Civilians, What will you do?


t was a very alarming Hypothetical of Trillanes asking the Newly promoted generals from the AFP asking them: If "Lunatic President Duterte orders you to Fires Civilians,  What will you do?

It has gone viral after few months when President Duterte was proclaim winner in the Presidential race with a lanslide votes coming from the 16 Million Filipinos who spearheaded the winning of Rodrigo Duterte to become the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines.

What had prompted Senator Trillanes to rise such a question today as to Duterte's being called as Lunatic by the said Senator. 

CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR Vice presidential candidate
 Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV keeps rivals on their toes with his well-timed exposés and opposing views in many issues. ARNOLD ALMACEN

 The allege name calling of Trillanes sparks "anger among the Netizens which in turn called Trillanes that he is the allege "lunatic by leading to soldiers to rebel during "Oakwood Mutiny" controversy according the reliable sources.

Before consenting to the promotion of close to 200 military generals, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV on Wednesday posed an intriguing question on what soldiers should do in case a "lunatic" president orders them to fire on civilians.

Questions were raised earlier to Trillanes saying “Can I ask you sir regarding this hypothetical situation? If the commander-in-chief, the duly elected president would ask, out of a whim, the military to shoot all the civilians, what would now be the action of the Armed Forces in case such an order is given?” Trillanes asked Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) spokesperson Brig. Gen. Restituto Padilla Jr. during a hearing of the bicameral Commission on Appointments.

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Padilla, an air force officer, is among the star-ranked senior military officers whose promotion passed through the Commission on Appointments.

Recalling the events that led to the ouster of President Ferdinand Marcos in 1986, Padilla replied that the AFP never used force against civilians during the people power revolt because "within the ranks of the military leadership, a serious debate was conducted."

Padilla also agreed with Trillanes, a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy who had served as a junior officer of the Philippine Navy, that the use of force should be carefully assessed. 

“So it’s clear to the Armed Forces in case you have a lunatic for a president in the future — it’s just a hypothetical situation — who will now use and abuse the power given to him and assume that the Armed Forces will just follow every order given to them. So it’s reassuring to hear that, sir,” Trillanes added.

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Asked by reporters after the hearing if the commander-in-chief he was referring to was President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, Trillanes said: "Wala. It was hypothetical."

Duterte, the outgoing Davao City mayor, was swept into the presidency last May 9 on a campaign promise to suppress corruption and criminality within three to six months.

He even vowed during his profanity-laced campaign to pardon himself for mass murder of criminals if elected. 

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Trillanes, a critic of Duterte, earlier denied insinuation that he was part or hatching a plan to unseat the incoming president through military coup.

The senator said Duterte, whom he accused during the campaign of hiding ill-gotten wealth, can only be removed through impeachment if the latter violates the Constitution. — APG, GMA News



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Duterte: It was Trillanes who caused the Suicide of the late AFP General Angelo Reyes because of Putting Reyes into Shame in his Expose.