US President Trump Accused ABS-CBN & Phil. Inquirer for Inventing Stories against President Duterte after He heard Outstanding remarks on Duterte's Asia Survey.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks while accepting the Conservative Party of New York State's nomination for president
 in New York City on Sept. 7, 2016.

President Trump uttered that ABS CBN and PHilippine Daily Inquirers works for the Money and that won't create differents on the Media in the United States

US President Trump Accused ABS-CBN & Phil. Inquirer for Inventing Stories against President Duterte after He heard Outstanding remarks on Duterte's Asia Survey.

Donald Trump criticized the state of the America’s media and its leader on Thursday in an interview aired on a state-owned Russian television network.

In an interview with journalist Larry King broadcast on RT America, Trump said the thing that most surprised him about the American political process was “the dishonesty of the media,” the Washington Post reports. “The media has been unbelievably dishonest,” he said. “I mean they’ll take a statement that you make which is perfect and they’ll cut it up and chop it up and shorten it or lengthen it or do something with it.”



Duterte to supporters: Stop threatening foreign, local media- AFTER Many Media Bias & Corruption for False Reports against Duterte, Mediamen is now Being Threaten to be Killed by Independent Filipino Group-

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Duterte appeals to supporters saying He appreciated the efforts of his supporters to protect him against Media Bias yet He beg not to threaten the Media because it is against the law and they (Media) may no longer exercise Freedom of the press as mandated by the Philippine Constitution.

Millions of Duterte supporters and other Independent groups were so furious with Bias mediamen and even anticipating to Kill them should they report again a false story. 16 Millions or more than that are even becoming a mob for anyone talking against the President.

The Filipino People Loves the president and ready to put their life at risk just to defend the President from malicious attacks coming from stupid Media.

 It appears that President Rodrigo Duterte is making good on his promised "metamorphosis" during the campaign period — which he said would take place if and when he's already in Malacañang.

At least as far as dealing with the media is concerned.

On Thursday, while speaking at a police regional camp in Cagayan de Oro City, the usually combative President sounded a pacifist call to his supporters: Stop threatening foreign and local media — even when they come up with unfavorable or critical write-ups.

Duterte said he acknowledged his supporters' enthusiasm to defend him, but added that they didn't have to resort to threatening journalists because this would hamper reporting the truth.

AFTER ABS-CBN says: ("Duterte allegedly ORDERED to KILL all Corrupt Journalist,")---It results in local and international condemnation as a consequence of careless and irresponsible Journalism."

Duterte endorses killing corrupt journalists

DAVAO, Philippines — President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said Tuesday that corrupt journalists were legitimate targets of assassination, as he amped up his controversial anti-crime crusade with offers of rewards for killing drug traffickers.

Duterte won this month’s elections by a landslide largely due to an explosive law-and-order platform in which he pledged to end crime within six months by killing tens of thousands of suspected criminals.

The foul-mouthed politician has launched a series of post-election tirades against criminals and repeated his vows to kill them — particularly drug traffickers, rapists and murderers.

Another Untrue Report is when ABS CBN  caption the speech of duterte and make it appear in a different situation as the President narrated in his speech that he is old and it is his last days so Duterte added that he is dying but that is not what he meant to say because ABS CBN make it appear that Duterte LITERALLY admitted that He is dying which connotes that he is Sick. Another Irresposible statement. 

Please check this News Article ABS CBN  quoting Duterte allegedly admitted he is dying of sickness at

If you say KILL the Pushers or addicts is already against human Norms what more when you are blamed to say KILL Journalist? This is a devastating report allegedly made by ABS-CBN in the past yet it cannot simply be forgotten because the consequences of this words brought grave condemnation and judgement to our current President Rodrigo Roa Duterte locally and internationally. 



Philippine Media Boycott

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DAVAO CITY - President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on Friday reiterated that he will no longer grant media interviews till the end of his term.

Duterte again slammed the media for supposedly twisting his statements, citing an Inquirer reporter's story on Friday on the release of political prisoners.

"I will not respond to questions anymore ever until the end of my term," Duterte said at the turnover of command ceremony of the Davao City Police.

The tough-talking executive earlier came under fire for saying that corrupt journalists in the Philippines were killed.

He was also criticized for catcalling a female television journalist.

Petition to disqualify ‘biased’ ABS-CBN from hosting debates gains ground

  • A petition demanding that ABS-CBN be disqualified from hosting debates for supposedly being biased was launched at
  • The petition is  signed by nearly 29, 000 supporters
  • The petitioner also accused ABS-CBN of being loyal to the Aquinos and alluded to Korina Sanchez’s close association with the Lopez network

MANILA, Philippines – A petition demanding that the ABS-CBN network be disqualified from hosting election debates due to the station’s alleged bias was launched last week at Change.organd is quickly earning support from signatories.

The petition was started by one Figo Santos from Marikina City on February 22 and has now gained nearly 29,000 online signatures.

“Due to their Obvious BIAS stand and track record on being an LP Puppet, let’s all join and make a stand to disqualify ABS-CBN on hosting the Nationwide Presidential Debate scheduled on them. Let it be moved to CNN Philippines instead,” the petition read.

The petitioner and some signatories has accused the Kapamilya network of being biased in favor of administration and Liberal Party (LP) bet Mar Roxas and Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo.

Most of the comments alluded to Roxas’ wife Korina Sanchez’s close association with the television giant which is owned by the Lopez family.

“Remember, Ms. Korina Sanchez is an institution sa ABS-CBN at asawa siya ni Mar Roxas [and she is Mar Roxas’ wife],” Figo wrote.

The petitioner also did not spare the TV station whom they accuse of being loyal to the Aquinos (referring to the incumbent president and his mother, Cory.)

“ABS CBN’s loyalty to the Aquinos is so entrench that they have lost all objectivity when the news purports to them. This Media outlet knows how to control the nationwide news,” the petitioner added.

The petitioner went to the extent of suggesting that in case the Kapisanan ng Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) and theCommission on Election (Comelec) won’t agree on disqualifying ABS-CBN from hosting the debate, the citizens must try to convince the other presidentiables (Binay, Duterte, Poe and Santiago) not to attend the event.

The Comelec has scheduled debates  for the presidential candidates before the election dubbed as “Pilipinas Debates 2016”.

The very first one was held last February 21 in Cagayan De Oro City and hosted by media partners GMA Network and Inquirer.

The second presidential debate is set on March 20 at the Univeristy of the Philippines (UP)–Cebu with TV5, Philippine Star and Businessworld as media partners.

The last and final debate will be held April 24 at University of Pangasinan to be hosted by ABS-CBN and Manila Bulletin.

Meanwhile, the only debate set for vice presidential candidates will be held on April 10 at the University of Santo Tomas with CNN Philippines, Rappler and Business Mirror as media partners.