Singapore's "Lee Kwan Yew"visited the Philippines saying: Not Democracy but Discipline can Build a Nation but Lee wasn't spared by "BULLY From Philippine Media"

Lee Pointing His Finger on ABS CBN and Philippine Daily Inquirer as People who live theirlives in writing news for money without warning and does not care who they destroy but their own country that is why Philippines is still Poor until today and Lee was very Glad when Rodrigo Duterte won the Presidential race.

Lee hailed President Fidel Ramos for being "more practical" than his predecessor.

In November 1992, I visited [Ramos]. In a speech to the 18th Philippine Business Conference, I said, 'I do not believe democracy necessarily leads to development. I believe what a country needs to develop is discipline more than democracy.' In private, President Ramos said he agreed with me that British parliamentary-type constitutions worked better because the majority party in the legislature was also the government. Publicly, Ramos had to differ.


Lee also criticized some factors that prevented the Philippines' progress:

Ramos knew well the difficulties of trying to govern with strict American-style separation of powers. The senate had already defeated Mrs. Aquino's proposal to retain the American bases. The Philippines had a rambunctious press but it did not check corruption. Individual press reporters could be bought, as could many judges.


The Singaporean leader also felt sorry for the Philippines' apparent brain drain.

Something had gone seriously wrong. Millions of Filipino men and women had to leave their country for jobs abroad beneath their level of education.


Filipino professionals whom we recruited to work in Singapore are as good as our own. Indeed, their architects, artists, and musicians are more artistic and creative than ours.


This is also how Lee described the Filipino people:

It is a soft, forgiving culture. Only in the Philippines could a leader like Ferdinand Marcos, who pillaged his country for over 20 years, still be considered for a national burial. Insignificant amounts of the loot have been recovered, yet his wife and children were allowed to return and engage in politics.


Some Filipinos write and speak with passion. If they could get their elite to share their sentiments and act, what could they not have achieved?


In an interview with Foreign Affairs magazine in March 1994, Lee had foreseen a continuous growth in East Asia, partly due to countries' lessons from wars.

One reason why growth is likely to last for many years in East Asia -- and this is just a guess -- is that the peoples and the governments of East Asia have learned some powerful lessons about the viciousness and destructiveness of wars. Not only full-scale wars like in Korea, but guerrilla wars as in Vietnam, in Cambodia and in the jungles of Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. We all know that the more you engage in conflict, the poorer and the more desperate you become.


In an April 2014 issue of Forbes magazine, Lee also wrote about the South China Sea dispute between the China and its smaller neighbors, including the Philippines.

The disputes, which arise from claims based on different principles, are unlikely to be resolved.


Lee explained that China does not see itself becoming a global leader without control of virtually the entire South China Sea, where a third of the world's trade passes through.

Much more is at stake than rocks and resources. China sees the South China Sea as one of its key interests. A rising China is asserting its position by claiming historical rights to these waters.


Lee said Philippine-initiated arbitration through the United Nations tribunal, meanwhile, is a juridical platform that major global powers such as China and the United States do not submit to.

Singapore's "Lee Kwan Yew"visited the Philippines saying: Not Democracy but Discipline can Build a Nation but Lee wasn't spared by "BULLY by Philippine Media"

Ex-Filipina Billionaire Loida Lewis widow to an American Hobby is doing Fund Raising in NY for the Ouster of Duterte. "Filipinos Calls Trump's Help".

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Watch Video now @

Loida Lewis is the Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of TLC Beatrice, LLC, the Lewis Family investment firm and is also Chairman and CEO of TLC Beatrice (China), Limited, a Cayman company which operates retail convenience stores in five major cities in China and TLC Beatrice Foods (Philippines) which operates a fresh meat processing plant. Loida Lewis was witnessed by many Filipinos in NY where she is now Calling Filipino Community to support finacially otherwise known as "Fund Raising Funds" for the destabilization of Current President of the Philippines President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Billionaire Ex-Filipina Loida Lewis Married to late American Husband is doing Fund Raising in NY for the Ouster of Duterte. "Filipinos Calls Trumps Help".

Filipinos: Philippine Daily Inquirer's Writers is now "allegedly Using Drugs" when they wrote this article calling President Duterte as "Hitler"

Philippine Daily Inquirer is one of the giant media in the Philippines. This Media is now becoming a monster as the other day, they attack the Mocha Uson Blog. Today, They call our Honorable President as ""Hitler" in the recent FRONT PAGE headlines. Sources revealed, writers were "High on Drugs"

It has come into many speculations that since the Liberal Party is allegely Protecting Drug Trade, writes of Philippine Daily Inquirer is allegedly a frontrunner of Drugs and is using it sources revealed.

Duterte is upscaling his war on drugs and many Protectors are using their money to stop President Duterte as the President cannot be bought at any times.

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Known Anti-Duterte & an allege Corrupt Newspaper Network, Philippine Daily Inquirer Attacks Mocha Uson Blog, a Duterte DDS, calling it Evil blog. Is the PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER jealous?

Thanks Mocha Uson for the Clarification

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It was highly belive that the Mocha Uson Blog has the Highest traffic online in terms of Philippine blogs and other Philippine news online superceeding Philippine Daily Inquirer Online News. In this connection, Philippine daily Inquirer, A very Known as an Allege Corrupt and Bias Media is now attacking the "Moch Uson Blog" with the headline Title "Is Mocha Uson Blog Evil"?

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Mocha Uson Blog Replies to Philippine Daily Inquirer saying that the headline of Daily Inquirer tagging it as "IS MOCHA USON BLOG EVIL". Is not good to write as it already branded her blog is evil. Please click this Video:

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ABS-CBN is branded as an allege very corrupt and controlled allegedly by drug-lords and drug coddlers' from the Philippine Opposition popularly known as the "Oligarch"


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Obama: I didn't shake hands with Duterte- says ABS-CBN (UNTRUE REPORT) Media Bias.

U.S. President Barack Obama did not shake hands with President Rodrigo Duterte during the East Asia Summit in Laos, a source from ABS-CBN present at the event confirmed.


The statements released by ABS-CBN Broadcasting Network saying there was no "Hand Shaking" sparks anger among the Filipino people because it was evident in the video released by the White House that they shake their hands amidts the controversy over duterte's allege words calling US president Obama as "Son of a whore".

BLATANT LIES: ABS-CBN, a known Giant Radio & Television Network has been eyed allegedly as the Philippine Medium of "Black propaganda loosly used by the so-called "yellow" to discredit Newly Elect President Rodrigo Duterte.

They were also EYED allegedly as a Network which is link into direct participation on their active media support allegedly to the Drug Protectors and Drug Coddlers' who is known as the allege Philippine Opposition has already been named one by one by the Philippine president as Drug protectors.

One Big Time Personalty who was recently named by Duterte who is behind Drugs coddling is allegedly the Philippine Senator leila Delima who is also tagged by Duterte as an allege Drug protector.

Dudterte recently added that Senator Delima is Receiving drug money using her allege "Bodyguard as her lover" sources which was also revealed from Department of Interior & Local Government Secretary or DILG for brevity.

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In another news, Delegates were shocked after Duterte ditched his prepared speech and instead made a presentation on alleged human rights violations during the Philippine-American War.

Duterte launched into a tirade about U.S. military killings in the Philippines when it was an American colony from 1898 to 1946, according to three diplomats that Agence France-Presse spoke with who were in the room.

The source said Obama went the rounds at the summit, shaking each leader's hands, except that of Duterte's

(READ: Duterte 'shocks' summit meeting with tirade vs US)

Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. tried to downplay the incident when he talked to reporters in Jakarta, Indonesia, where Duterte is currently on a state visit.

Yasay said there was no time for Obama to shake Duterte's hands as the Philippine president had to leave the conference for his bilateral talks with Russia. When he got back to the meeting for the closing rites, Obama had already left.

However, he confirmed Duterte had a prepared speech for the 18-leader strong East Asia Summit, but decided to make a presentation on alleged human rights violations perpetrated by the U.S., saying the prepared speech was submitted to the body and will form part of the records of the ASEAN Summit

The foreign affairs secretary admitted that Duterte did make a presentation, but refused to confirm or deny if he presented a picture of the alleged atrocities.

Obama just sat still and keenly listened to Duterte's presentation, according to Yasay.

He said the president's intervention or presentation, soon as it forms part of the ASEAN Summit records, will be made public.

Meanwhile, Yasay described Duterte’s debut on the international stage as "brilliant and superb," giving him an 8.5 rating on a scale of one to 10.

According to Yasay, the president made his positions on several issues quite clearly, particularly his war on drugs and criminality 

Yasay also claimed that the leaders of Japan, Singapore and China were quite impressed with Duterte's performance.

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ABS-CBN is Media Bias as they again Reported that Duterte and Children has "Massive Wealth"

How media groups wrote about Duterte’s rant vs Obama especially ABS CBN

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President Rodrigo Duterte achieved a whole new level of notoriety after various media groups reported that he called President Barack Obama a “son of a whore” right before departing for his first international summit.

Upon touchdown in Laos for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit, he was besieged by media about his remarks. In a matter of hours, his meeting with Obama was "moved to a later date."

The events that unfolded demonstrate the power of media reports to determine events of regional, even global bearing.

No doubt the most captivating angles of news reports were centered on the premise that Duterte was referring to Obama when he had said “son of a whore.”

But a comparison of articles, both of Philippine and international media, shows how the same incident was covered in different ways. While a few articles, notably written by or quoting foreign news wire services, indicated Obama was the “son of a whore,” other articles did not.

Before going into the different articles themselves, let’s go into what led to Duterte’s infamous remarks.

He gave those remarks during the question and answer portion of a press conference he gave minutes before boarding his plane to Laos. It was held on Monday, September 5, at the pre-departure area of the Davao International Airport.

The question came from Jerome Morales, a correspondent of international news wire service Reuters. He asked if Duterte has prepared any line of communication to address issues on extrajudicial killings that may be raised by some leaders during the ASEAN Summit.

Duterte proceeded to answer in his typical hot-headed, curse-laden fashion whenever asked about human rights violations. His tirade was against Obama but also about the United States as a whole and “columnists” supportive of the US.

Rappler published the complete transcript of this part of the press briefing.

Different angles, same remarks

The dizzying array of articles generated by this single press conference shows the different ways media outlets here and abroad reported on Duterte’s remarks.

An ABS-CBN News online article, sourced from news wire service Reuters, carried the headline, “Duterte calls Obama a ‘son of a w****’.”

The ad showed various instances where Duterte uttered expletives while minors were asking the public if they wanted the foul-mouthed Davao City mayor for president.


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