Analyst: Philippine Duterte's Predictions On America's War mentality came true after Trump Announced Fight w/ N. Korea. Duterte Ordered US Troops Out in Spratly Earlier to Avoid War w/ China

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Manila, Philippines, No wonder Duterte created a Separation of Foreign policy especially when he drive away all American Troops Positioned to Provoked China in South China Sea and eventually as a result making the Philippines a Battle ground especially the islands of "Palawan".

Philippine President Duterte put a STOP against the US Naval Ships in South China sea to prevent Palawan and the entire Philippines to be the battle ground where he recently called it as "Massacred" should war erupted between China and US.

Analyst: Philippine Duterte's Predictions On America's War mentality came true after Trump Announced Fight w/ N. korea. Duterte Ordered US Troops Out in Spratly.

It was the inaction of the United States that emboldened China to aggressively assert its claim in the South China Sea and the West Philippine Sea, including building artificial islands, many of which have evolved into military facilities with advanced communications and weapons systems, President Duterte told a gathering of lawyers Thursday night.

In remarks before members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) in Pasay City, Duterte said only the US has the capability to stop China’s actions in disputed waters, but the superpower appeared to have let the Chinese have their way, to the consternation of neighboring countries.


The President stressed that the Philippines – under his leadership – would never engage in a violent confrontation with any country, much less with China, just to promote its maritime interests.

“Why in hell ang America, siya lang talaga ang pwede kumasa doon, bakit sabihin niya ngayon magpunta ang Navy ko (Only America can assert itself there, so why would it tell me to send my Navy)? It will be a massacre for my soldiers, I will not do it,” the President said.

Duterte claimed that the Philippines had been warned that “something was afoot” at Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal as “some sort of structure” was being set up in the area as early as five years ago.

“Bakit hindi mo pinuntahan doon? Bakit hindi mo sinita? Bakit hindi ka nagpadala ng limang aircraft carrier at kinasahan mo  (Why did you not go there? Why did you not confront them? Why did you not send five aircraft carriers?) and you had to wait for the problem to ripen into international issue involving this time so many countries,” the Philippine leader said.

When a London Mayor accused Trump for alienating Muslims in the US well, you cannot blame Trump because Many of these Muslim are "ISIS terrorist brought by Obama to the US as Political Asylum thus posting National Security Threat to American people.

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A London Mayor accused Trump for hating Muslim in the USA. let me point out that Obama imported Terrorist called "ISIS" to America as Political Asylum after the so called "Isis" became America's Mercenary to fight Syrian Government therefore you cannot blame President Trump why He don't like ISIS of Muslim in the USA because it is called a threat to national Scurity and Trump perceives every musllim in America is brought by Obama and it is a fact that Obama put America in danger for terror attacks and thugs due to these Refugees from Syrian ISIS terrorist. No wonder Putin of Russia is also very angry why Obama armed this ISIS terrorist like a Universal Soldiers shown in the movie to attack Syria. 

Millions of Filipinos in the Philippines are all Happy & Cheering for Trump's VICTORY over the Election because Trump is the only first Leader in the West Respects President Duterte

Millions and Millions of Filipinos in the Philippines are all Happy & Cheering for Trump for winning the Election because Trump is the only first Leader in the West Respects President Duterte while in the time of Obama every Duterte supporters feared of Obama's and Hillary's  threat by ordering his CIA to Murder Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Filipinos consider Trump as an angel fell to the Philippines as he also KICK OUT the EU and UN even befoe the election. The EU and UN is very much hated by the filipinos for disrespecting and threatening President Rodrigo Duterte simply because they are powerful and big but God has Plan B and that Filipinos consider it as TRUMP. More Power to America and Trump!s 

Donald Trump

The Philippines is now EXPECTED to SUPPORT TRUMP after US Presidential Aspirant Hillary Clinton called Duterte an enemy citing that Obama is right when he cancelled the meeting with Duterte in Laos.

The Philipines is now in SUPPORT for TRUMP after US Presidential Aspirant Hillary Clinton allegedly make the Philippines an enemy and might close ties with President Duterte citing the issue of the Philippine President who recently called US President Obama  as "Son of a whore"

Hillary Clinton is running out of his mind because she did not make careful observation that President Duterte did not mean it as He (Duterte) AFTERWARDS MADE a Public Apology to Obama so if Obama is not reacting then why is clinton doing this? Is it for Political issue? Hillary has made a big mistake because her stand against Duterte might change the minds of the 3 MILLIONS Filipinos in the US forTrump than any other candidates as Presidential candidate Donald Trump supported President Duterte after the bad situation occured over Obama's decision to cancel meeting with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in Laos.


Must Read:Clinton: Obama made right decision on Duterte

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Wednesday said U.S. President Barack Obama made the right decision to cancel his meeting with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

 "With respect to the Philippines, President Obama made exactly the right choice," Clinton told reporters on her campaign plane. "When you meet with anyone, ally or adversary, you come in with a list of issues that are important to be raised. You determine what they are."

 Expletive-laden comments made by Duterte regarding the U.S. and Obama before he left for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit on Monday have resulted in Washington calling off a bilateral meeting between the two nations.

 Duterte threatened to curse at Obama if the American leader voices concern over the Philippines' brutal campaign against drugs and crime. Duterte later sought to defuse the row, voicing regret. The two had been scheduled to meet on the sidelines of the ASEAN summit in Laos.

BREAKING NEWS:Queen Elizabeth II Requests To Meet Duterte Immediately!!IM REALLY PROUD OF YOU

Buckingham Palace has announced that the Queen, Queen Elizabeth II would be paying Duterte a visit immediately to discuss human rights issues and other security matters.

According to the press release from the palace, the Queen is much worried of present happenings in the Philippines; lost of lives and people living with fears of bomb attacks.

“Philippines needs help. We need to get to their aid. Filipinos have to be protected.” – the release quoted the Queen.


Overly powerful Duterte faces lean opposition

RG Cruz, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jun 09 2016 03:29 PM

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte with incoming House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and Senate President Koko Pimentel (composite photo)

MANILA - Rodrigo Duterte, the country's 16th president, is poised to be the most powerful Philippine president of all time.

This was acknowledged by the same person who is asking to lead what appears to be the very lean opposition to the incoming administration.

Quezon Representative-elect Danilo Suarez of the United Nationalist alliance pointed out Duterte has consolidated power without resorting to a dictatorship like Ferdinand Marcos.

"I've never seen a powerful president than President Marcos. Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng pangulo na napaka charismatically popular, respected ngayon… not just powerful, admired, charismatically popular with huge expectation,'' Suarez said.

"Comparing to the late President Marcos, meron pa bang mas powerful kay FM [Ferdinand Marcos] without using an iron hand? Wala akong makita nakapag-consolidate ng power and authority [like Duterte]. Iyun nga lang on the positive side, on a human factor alam niya kaya siya nanalo, sinuportahan siya ng masa, feeling niya dapat gawin niya ang dapat gawin."

Duterte now appears to enjoy a "super majority" in both houses of Congress. By 2019, he would have appointed more than half the justices of the supreme court since that's the number of justices who who would be due for retirement.

Suarez hopes to be minority leader at the lower house and he promised he won't be a "yes" man to Duterte, though he is supportive of the administration.

Suarez vowed he won't be a "company union" type of opposition.

"I'm or a faster implementation of certified measures. Hindi naman magiging rubber stamp ang Kongreso. Naging minority naman ako for a while, we served our purpose. If we will not say no, then we are not minority. We have to raise our own voice…maybe that's one reason why we offer ourselves to be the critical minority; constructive minority, at the same time cooperative," he said.