"Muslim Rebels fears Duterte's Forcefully Advancing Military offensive as dead toll rises; Rebels pleads Not behind Davao's City Market Bombing."

Jolo Sulu, Philippines: Rebels has now meet their match as some speculation in the social media saying that Duterte allegedly ordering those caught rebels to be beheaded and this fears many of the Muslim terrorist as they are very much aware that President Duterte has a Muslim Blood in his mother side and they also knew how Duterte destroyed all criminality in Davao city when he was the Mayor there for 23 years. 

People in the Muslim Minority supports Duterte's action against the bandits quoting that those bandits has been storming the city and it's inhabitants for decades and that it is now time to end this terror.  It is now wisely said that Duterte is allegedly importing terror to the terrorist.

 Dead Rebels is now allegedly rising every hours sources revealed and this war will not come to passed until all of these rebel will be finiahed.

Furious Duterte is now hunting them all

Abusayyaf's fate will just be in a matter of weeks.

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The troops died on Monday in a firefight with Abu Sayyaf militants in dense jungle on Jolo island, one of the group’s main strongholds in the country’s deep south, the military said on Tuesday. The Abu Sayyaf fighters were killed over the weekend when the army attacked them following the beheading of a Filipino hostage, the military said.  

Mr. Duterte, who came to power in June, has elevated peace and order as his priorities. He has launched a violent crackdown on drugs, pledging to wipe out dealers and criminals, that has already claimed roughly 2,000 lives in eight weeks. His predecessor, Benigno Aquino III, also fought Abu Sayyaf and tried to combat drugs. But these efforts are getting far more emphasis under Mr. Duterte.

In the latest skirmishes, the army was responding to the president’s urgent call to crush the small but resilient terrorist organization. He has ordered the military to focus on Abu Sayyaf in particular following a recent spate of kidnappings involving both Filipinos and foreign nationals.

Kidnappings by Abu Sayyaf at sea have already led to unprecedented coordination between the governments of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, which agreed in early August to allow their respective navies to pursue Abu Sayyaf hostage-takers through each other’s national waters.

Abu Sayyaf beheaded two Canadian hostages earlier this year when ransom demands weren’t met. Mr. Duterte last week revealed that a $1 million ransom had been paid for Norwegian hostage Kjartan Sekkingstad, but said that the rebels were demanding even more money before setting him free. He didn’t elaborate on the source of the payments or how they were made.

While Mr. Duterte has reached out to communist and Islamic rebel groups, setting the stage for upcoming peace talks, he has labeled Abu Sayyaf a criminal gang that needs to be eradicated as part of his efforts to bring stability to insecure parts of the Philippine archipelago. Such efforts will bring much-needed development to some of the country’s poorest regions, he has argued.

After the Abu Sayyaf fighters were killed this past weekend, troops encountered a band of around 70 heavily armed rebels, leading to the heavy losses, the military said.

Image result for Photos of Military offensive in JoloImage result for Photos of Military offensive in JoloImage result for Photos of Military offensive in JoloImage result for Photos of Military offensive in Jolo


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