USA is not convinced with UN & Human Rights Critic Accusing Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte for the allege Extrajudicial Killings in his country.

US president Barrack Hussein Obama felt the challenge that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte can make the Philippines the Richest country quick quoting him as a Man of Action. He also allegedly rebuked UN and Philippine Oppositions for using the Human Rights issue to allegedly discredit Duterte.

While expressing his condolence to the recent bombing in Davao city,  Obama allegedly said that President Duterte is not only a victim of Black Propaganda but it is apparently obvious that they really want duterte down.

Duterte administration can make Phillipines the fastest richest growing country - Obama

US President Barack Obama turned into the main head of government to salute Rodrigo Duterte, handing-off in the meantime Washington's congrats for the result of the May 9 races were meaningful of the Philippines' lively democracy. Duterte is no customary lawmaker. 

He is the thing that can be portrayed as a 'meta-competitor', one who changes the very origination of and desires from a presidential applicant. In some ways, he without any help changed the standards of the amusement. All through the crusade time frame, he crossed one redline after the other, but he figured out how to fabricate an enormous across the country taking after. He reminded his adversaries that administration involves life and passing, of heading off to the separation, of gambling it all. 

Regardless of quick monetary development as of late, the Philippines still experiences one of the most noteworthy rates of unemployment and neediness in Asia — a uber-dynamic area that hosts nine out of thirteen financial wonders in present day times. 

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Philippines President: Explosion that killed 14 was act of terrorism

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(CNN) Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte visited a morgue early Saturday to pay respects to the 14 people killed hours earlier in an explosion at a crowded market in Davao City.

At least 71 people were injured in the attack on the popular market.
Duterte described the attack as an act of terrorism, and declared the nation in "a state of lawlessness," the official Philippines News Agency reported, authorizing the police and military to search cars and frisk people at checkpoints.
He said he had not declared martial law, according to PNA.
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"We have to confront the ugly head of terrorism," Duterte said Friday, standing near the explosion site in his hometown. "We will take this as a police matter about terrorism."
The cause of the explosion, which happened around 10 p.m. ET Friday, is not known. But presidential spokesman Martin Andanar said components of a suspected improvised explosive device were found at the scene, according to CNN affiliate ABS-CBN.
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Obama & Duterte will meet in Laos on September 6, 2016 to discuss about human rights and issues about South China Sea

Meanwhile, President Rodrigo Duterte and U.S. President Barack Obama are set to meet personally in Laos, White House this coming September 6, 2016. These two leaders will attend a summit of the Pacific Rim, as well as to discuss the concerns of Obama in regards to the human rights, South China Sea issue and other important matters that may reflect Duterte’s presidency and handling the Philippines.



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