Because Of Hillary and Obama's Arrognce, All Americans can no longer enter the Philippines including Filipino-American Citizen. Observers believes it will be a very Strict Policy for Americans Traveler getting a Visa.

Beijing, China: President Rodrigo Roa Duterte expressed in his speech that All Americans in the USA including Filipino US Citizens must apply for a Visa should they wish to travel in the Philippines and the Maximum stay for their Visit is only 26 days or face Fine and Imprisonment should they violate any Philippine Laws on Immigration. 

These Paramount of conflcts between the US and the Philippines started when Obama and Hillary throw baseless questions and accusations relating to Extra-Judicial Killing on Duterte's War on Drugs. Among others, Duterte said they must Respect Head of State and not throw question of accusation but instead they can send first an investigation body to prove the veracity of the allegation before they throw questions that are insulting. 



Philippine Duterte Ends US Military & Economic Ties with US because of Obama's Disrespect To Philippine Head of State President Duterte

Beijing , China: President Duterte made everything clear that he is now changing "The Foreign Policy" due to US superiority complex in the Person of Obama Administration by throwing questions to Philippine Head of State Rodrigo Duterte without thinking that it is unprofessional and very humiliating when you treated people like inferior monkey. This statement of Duterte refers as well to many African -American getting shot in cold blood and amounting a dead toll to over or almost 7000 inclusive every state in the US. 

Recently, Obama cancel his meeting to Philippine president Duterte after an insult was made to him by the said Philippine President. President Duterte added, we are no longer under US colony and exhorted the US president to STOP treating the Filipinos as sub-human

Duterte to President Obama: I am cutting Military and Economic Ties with US because of Obama's Abusive language throwing questions of Insults to Philippine President Duterte.

HOLDING US TO ACCOUNT. This combination image of two photographs taken on September
 5, 2016 shows, at left, US President Barack Obama speaking during a press conference following the conclusion of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China, and at right, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte speaking during a press conference in Davao City, the Philippines,
 prior to his departure for Laos to attend the recently concluded ASEAN summit. Images by Saul Loeb and Manman Dejeto/AFP

US Government: “Duterte is clearly behind the Davao Death Squad”

Filipinos are never surprise why Americans Hate Obama for many Criminal Acts He has committed as the Supreme Court Justice in the US has already signed off Obama's Removal for Treason as allege in the current events and news portal. Obama is an allege War Criminal together with Hillary Clinton as today they are palnning to assasinate the Philippine Government simply because they were insulted.

HANOI— President Rodrigo Duterte has received reports that the Central Intelligence Agency wants him dead.

He made the remarks in his speech before hundreds of Vietnam-based Filipinos on Wednesday night at the Intercontinental Hotel.

“Sabi nila. pa-plano-plano raw ang CIA na patayin ako. Susmaryosep, ginoo,” he said in his hour-long, rambling speech.

He was then discussing how he would not go to war against China over the territorial dispute in the South China Sea.

In the same speech, Duterte promised to end the Philippines’ joint military exercises with the United States.

Early this week, he also claimed that the U.S. disliked him.

Prior to mentioning the alleged threat from the American intelligence agency, the President said he will not abandon the arbitral tribunal’s ruling which favored the Philippines’ claims over the West Philippine Sea.

“There will always be a time to reckon the thing with. When that time comes, sabihin ko sa China, ‘ito ‘yung amin. I will talk to you but I will not go out of the four corners of this paper.’ Pero it is not the time to die,” he said.

Duterte then added that he will not send his soldiers to war and be massacred in a battleground like Palawan.

“Naloko na. Eh kung dalhin natin doon sa San Francisco OK ako. Oo, ‘yung China, mamili kayo diyan. Pero mag-away tayo tapos gawin mong battleground eh paalisin ko kayo, pati ang America, ‘umalis ka diyan,'” he said.

He then claimed receiving reports that the CIA wants him dead.

Duterte then joked that he would ask the intelligence agency to give him more time to get used to being the Philippine president.

“Until now I cannot even believe that I am the mayor. Bigyan mo muna ako ng panahon mag-isip bilang presidente,” he said before jumping to another topic. TVJ

President Rodrigo Duterte is inside an official state car with Special Assistant to the President Christopher Lawrence Go following a meeting at the State Palace
 in Hanoi, Vietnam on September 29. KING RODRIGUEZ/ Presidential Photo

US imported terrorism to Middle East, new Philippines president says

Davao City, Philippines:  Newly President Elect Rodrigo Roa Duterte says during a press briefing when an allege American Reporter questioned him if he is not bothered about the talks coming from the International Community regarding the issue of "Extra-Judicial Killings in the Philippines. The president got irked saying why should he be bothered? and answered the reporter that:" US imported terrorism to Middle East" Killing a lot of people because of a suspicion of an existence of bio-chemical weapons but later it wasn't proven.  How many people do you think were killed during that time extrajudicially including women, children etc? (Please watch video below in English)

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has accused the US of importing terror to the Middle East through its interventions, pointing to Iraq, Libya and Syria as examples.

Speaking at an event being held in honor of the holy Islamic day of Eid'l Fit'r in Davao City on Friday, the leader challenged the narrative that the Middle East is the root of terrorism. “It is not that the Middle East is exporting terrorism to America; America imported terrorism (to the Middle East)," he said".

’s apology ‘not enough, it won’t bring me back my arms, family & country’ – Iraqi war victim 


Duterte slammed the US and UK for presenting Saddam Hussein as a dictator in order to justify the Iraq war of 2003, and for failing to admit their mistakes after the fact. “They forced their way into Iraq,” he told the Muslim crowd.

“After almost 10 years of investigation, it turned out there was no legal basis to declare war against Iraq. You see, it's a useless war," he explained.

“Look at Iraq now. Look what happened to Libya. Look what happened to Syria. Even children are being doused with gasoline. They were pushed to the wall for the failed promises," he added.

The Philippines is not without its own issues of unrest, as groups in the country's minority Muslim regions have been fighting for autonomy in the largely Christian country since the late ‘60s.

Duterte wants to hold peace talks between groups in the region, the Moro National Liberation Front, and its offshoot, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, in order to work out details of an autonomy agreement reached in 2014. He urged the leaders to focus on peace.“Let us build a nation that will be founded on peace and understanding,” he said.

“It will not come overnight. Certainly, it will not come next year. Probably, it will be something about two to three years from now. But I assure you that something will change before I end my term.”

Duterte also said he would not call the Abu Sayyaf rebel group criminals, as they were “driven to desperation,” thanks to failed promises and a lack of governance. “That’s why they were pushed to the wall,” he said. “They were radicalized.”

The group have been called terrorists and bandits due to their kidnappings and assassinations, and the Philippine government has fought them for years. In April, the group reportedly pledged allegiance to terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

Duterte, a former Davao City mayor, was elected president in June 2016, after an outspoken campaign promising to crack down on crime. Soon after his term as president started, his military chief said they would engage in a “shock and awe”tactic to tackle the rebel group that has pledged allegiance to IS.

Nine Abu Sayyaf members and a soldier were killed on Thursday in clashes between armed forces and the group in southern Philippines, al Jazeera reports.

Duterte drew comparisons with his own country’s brush with colonialism, pointing to the fact that everyone was “natives of the sultanes” until Spanish colonialism which brought with it Christianity.

“So although religion is a very sensitive issue, let us not really do something that will inflame or agitate trouble about religion. We all believe in the same God.” he added. 

The new president has said his foreign policy will not be dependant on the US, with whom the Philippines enjoy a defense partnership, and will “be a line that is not intended to please anybody but the Filipino interest.”

He has spoken about engaging in talks with long-term rival China over the disputed South China Sea, a conflict over which Washington and Beijing have been clashing for years.

I will tell you what is human rights?- Duterte