The Western Powers is describe as a bully & War Criminals to small nations BUT God sent a man who came to destroys the arrogance of the western power & His name is Donald Trump.

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Over decades, the western powers which comprises by two major race are the Europeans and Americans. They also have allies whom they capture and colonized such as Japan, the Philipines and many more and one of their major super power country in the middle East is Israel who is now their most closest Ally. These Americans and Europeans formed a very powerful group called the United nations or UN for brevity and they have been describe as the Police and the Criminals among small nations across the globe like Iraq, Libya, Syria or the entire middle east as well as Africa and Asia. They will attack anyone they don't like and one example is how they capture Lybian President Gaddafy who has done them no wrong yet they accused him of Human Rights violations. The small nations hates them because of their Arrogance, Threats and Dictatorship especially the rise of the UN and America but Hope has existed when one maon, a Billionaire American who became the President of the United States on November 2016 has change and shaken the arrogance of the Western Powers. This man's name is no other but Mr and President Donald Trump. He is meek and gentle of heart yet he is the most tyrant to the abusers. He was tagged by the United nations as the biggest threat. He has shaken the arrogance and make them humble as he is the most Powerful man on earth same as with russian president Vladimir Putin but ironically, they are best of friends.

The 7 Minutes Phone Talk between Two Leaders is Described By Duterte saying "Trump is "Very Engaging & Animated" as Trump Congratulated Him for His Tough "Crackdown" with Drugs which killed 4,800 Criminals in just 150 days.

The 7 Minutes conversation between the two leaders over the phone has created a vast atmosphere of great friendship between USA and the Philippines. It was described by Top Aides as very "Engaging and Animated". President Duterte congratulated Trump for His Victory over the election and President Trump Congratulated Duterte for his successful crackdown killing of 4800 criminals and addicts for only 150 days. Duterte was very please with President Trump because it is his first time He receive a great respect from a superpower country like America as he narrated that He did not experienced any respect from Obama, Clinton and those stupid leaders of the United Nations.


TRUMP If Russia Attacks Nato and its' EU Ally, then you are On Your Own. US has Nothing to do with Nato and UN no more.

It is a Paramount interest to hear president Elect Donald Trump saying he has no more hands on with Nato Ally because first and foremost, these Allies is not paying Bills and everything has made USA answerable to every bills and most of all, Trump is for making America Great Nation again and building relations in the international community including Russia and anyone who will accept the USA.

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 Trump before the Nato

JUST IN: The Newly Elect Trump in the US makes Duterte "Untouchable" by any investigation and most of all Ends WW3 with Russia as provoked by Evil administration of Obama-Hillary

The Winning of Trump into the US Presidency has not only change America but the Whole world including the friendshiip with the Philippine President Duterte by removing any investigation to Duterte imposed by the Demonic Administration of Obama and Hillary who also provoked WW3 with Russia. President Putin decided to put into STOP all Major and deadly plans in preparation for WW3 against USA Soil Because of TRUMP Presidency.  This is indeed a very big "Breakthrough for the Filipinos and all nations across the globe. EU investigation with Duterte has put to STOP.  TRUMP want USA out of United Nations thus makes them an enemy of USA. TRUMP to UN: GET OUT! Fabulous!

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FILIPINOS & DUTERTE SUPPORTERS: Congratulation DONALD TRUMP for winning the Presidency against the EVILS of HILLARY & OBAMA; We the Filipinos are so happy you won and soon to make World Peace with Russia. Put Obama & Clinton To Jail!!

Malacanang Palace: Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said Filipinos stand in solidarity with peace-loving countries in the world, and he reminded Trump of the latter’s public profession of his love for the Philippines and his investments in the country.  AP/Seth Wenig

Now we may consider America as our Ally because of you President Trump! More Power to Donald Trump!

Filipinos are so happy when Trump expresses special place for him is the Philippines. It was backed up that US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has put his trust in the Philippines using his word saying it is indeed a special place for me but the gravity of his word has put into effect when he put up a big building named as "Trump Tower" located at the heart of Makati, Metro Manilla, Philippines.

Again,  Mr. Trump has even professed his love for the Philippines during the launch of his 57-story luxury apartment in Makati. He did say, ‘I’ve always loved the Philippines. I think it is just a special place and Manila is one of Asia’s most spectacular cities. I know that this project (Trump Tower) will be second to none’,” the Secretary said yesterday in message sent through Viber.

“The Philippines and the Filipino people stand in solidarity with other peace-loving countries and individuals in fighting and opposing terrorism in all its forms,” he said.

Trump's Investment in the Philippines has build trust and confidence among the Filipinos as they expressed gratitude of Trump to choose the Philippine thus it helps boost the economy.

Trump Tower in Makati, Philippines. It Captivated the heart of the Filipinos

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