Us Citizen Activist Group in New York Accused President Duterte as Mass Murderer

These American people are staging a noise Rally in front of the Philippine Embassy in New York accusing Philippine Duterte is a Mass Murderer but critics believe that these people are paid by the giant opposition called as the Liberal party popularly known s the "Yellow". 

One great news in the Philippine Probe:Senate Hearing: It is a great black proganda initiated by the yellow provoking all people in the world that Duterte Administration is a land of Extra-Judicial killings citing that there is more killings extra-judicially during the time of Aquino Administration because it is 35% ratio while during duterte administration, the killings is only 20% thus it creates a "Big " mockery to the people not only in the Philippines but to the entire Universe. Please watch the Video of Peter Cayetano below as he delievers his  privileged speech using slideshow presentaion.

It is indeed an abomination what the yellow is doing to our Present Administration by destroying the Mission of "Change" in the Nation. 

Photos: The group is believe to have been paid by Druglords and Allege High ranking Philippine Officials in the Philippines known as the Yellow or Liberal Party Headed allegedly by Philippine Oppositions

A Message to President Duterte, From a Catholic Hypocrite

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