Asia Insider: Silence could lead into "Peace" between US and N. Korea but a Surprise threat of N. Korea's Missle Test on May 14, 2017 Only says:" Kim wants war with USA".

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Secret Military Intelligence in South Korea has unravelled the truth that North Korea is not interested with "Peace Negotiations" with the US forces and that fuels North Korea President Kim Un Jong. Why because another intelligence reported that all Allies of North Korea's Red Flag will defend North Korea and surely it will resort to World War III

Kim Disclosed in local news at North Korea's leading News paper as reported that he wanted US forces "OUT" in Asia & the only best way to do is to make a surprise "Attack" to US Allied countries in Asia where US Military troops are stationed to prevent them from attacking North Korea. The next move will be to attack US mainland because it is unwise to wait for US to strike first. 


It was proven by Sen Peter Cayetano that Extrajudicial Killings is a Black Propaganda of the Yellow because there are about 35% Extrajudicial killings during Aquino while only 20% now in Duterte Administration

Senate Hearing: It is a great black proganda initiated by the yellow provoking all people in the world that Duterte Administration is a land of Extra-Judicial killings citing that there is more killings extra-judicially during the time of Aquino Administration because it is 35% ratio while during duterte administration, the killings is only 20% thus it creates a "Big " mockery to the people not only in the Philippines but to the entire Universe. Please watch the Video of Peter Cayetano below as he delievers his  privileged speech using slideshow presentaion.

It is indeed an abomination what the yellow is doing to our Present Administration by destroying the Mission of "Change" in the Nation. 

Cayetano claims there were 35 killings each day under Aquino, 20 under Duterte

Lenie Robredo is allegedly spreading lies to the world as well as all the people who are oppose to this current Administration

In his opening speech during the Senate hearing, Cayetano said: “Please take note from 2010 to 2015 during the Aquino administration, an average of 35 araw-araw. Ngayon po sa ilalim ni Presidente Duterte 20 po.”

The Senator who lost in his vice presidential bid in the 2016 National Elections said that people are now beginning to feel safe because of renewed trust on the government and law enforcers.

De Lima: Fair Inquiry

The Senate probe headed by Sen. Leila De Lima aims to dig deeper in the rise of alleged drug-related deaths and supposed extra-judicial killings in relation to the government’s war on illegal drugs. Despite her word war with President Rodrigo Duterte who accused her of receiving drug protection money, De Lima promised to remain fair while presiding the two-day hearing.

“I strongly believe: Extrajudicial or extralegal killings, whether perpetrated by the State or by non-state actors, must stop. Blatant disregard for human life has to stop,” De Lima said in her opening speech.

Lacson: Reservations on Senate Inquiry

Meanwhile, Senator Panfilo Lacson, who co-chairs the probe, expressed hisreservations on the Senate inquiry saying that he knows the struggles of policemen in anti-illegal drug operations. According to him, the inquiry may affect the government’s campaign against illegal drugs.

"As I have spent half of my life in enforcement, like them, I am not sure how many times I could have been... killed during police operations that I have participated in, number of times I could have landed in jail while performing my duties,” Lacson said.

Dela Rosa Claims Syndicates behind Extrajudicial Killings

In his opening statement during the Senate probe, Philippine National Police Director General Ronald “Bato” De la Rosa insisted that crime syndicates are responsible for the rising number of summary executions of alleged drug personalities in the country.

“The PNP’s stand against extrajudicial killings is uncompromising. If any cop is found violating the law on self-defense he will be investigated, prosecuted and accordingly punished,” dela Rosa said in his speech.

--Mini, The Summit Express


Senate Hearing On Extrajudicial Killing: CAYETANO vs DE LIMA- August 22, 2016