MOMENTS OF TRUTH: The Real Color has come out when Karen Davila is Running for the Senate Post in 2019 under Liberal Party


Will she win? Senator Leila Delima endorse Davila to run for Senator in 2019. The question remains is what we describe as "Will she be the second Delima? What makes her think she can win or perhaps buy votes? This issue of Davila makes "Nonsense" to all.

 It is no longer a big surprise or too many words to describe why Karen davila is always "Mocking " our president Duterte even before election until the current. It is clear now she is the very true Yellow.

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OBSERVER: Philippine Senator Leila De Delima, an allege "Nympho Sex Maniac" after series of Sex Videos link to Several men other than her Husband

It has been a very long time issue where Philippines Senator leila Delima has been into a sex scandal video as exposed by Senator sandra cam with her Lover driver who is suspected to received maony from drugs as instructed by delima.

President Duterte discovered a second lover who is now in hiding but was nt fully revelaed. 

Former SB Member of Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte warned to release the full sex video of Sen. Laila De Lima and current Chief of Police of Leon B. Postigo, Zamboanga del Norte, PCI Joenel S. Pederio. 
According to former SB Member Yuyen Magallanes, the Drug War of Zamboanga del Norte has resulted to the death of his supporters, Michael Astelore and Kabog De Gracia two weeks ago. 
"I warned PCI Joenel Pederio that if he will not admit his involvement to the death of my men, I will release the full Sex Video of him and Sen. De Lima to the public. He  was responsible on the death of my two men and he also ordered PO3 Rosete to liquidate certain Willy Delfino whom they used to kill my men. Willy Delfino has been shot to death at Dapitan City when collecting his payment from Brgy. Captain Paglinawan." Magallanaes told DSB Sindangan last friday night. 
It was found out that Michael Astelore and Kabog De Gracia were involved in Illegal Drug Syndicate in Zamboanga del Norte, competing the alleged Drug Syndicate of PCI Pederio. It was also revealed to us that Magallanes hired Bobong Duque to assassinate PCI Pederio but later on discovered that Bobong Duque is PCI Pederio's close friend. 
Sen. Laila De Lima denied the alleged sex video.
"Masakit ang mga tungkol sa personal na buhay, nirereview na naman yang alleged sex video na yan. Hindi iyan totoo. Matagal na nila iyang nire-raise [Attacks on my personal life are painful. That alleged sex video is being raised again. It's not true. That has been raised before]," she said.



Philippine Senator Leila Delima will be in Jail before end of 2016, Big-Time Convicted DrugLord Herbert Colangco decided to Testify

Manila, Philippines: A Big Time Convicted Drug-Lord, whose photo appears below with Senator Delima and who was responsible for Cooking "Shabu" or Methamphetamine Cloride also known as "Local Cocain" has decided to Testify that the reason why they can Manufactured Drugs or "Shabu" inside the Penitentiary and sell it outside the Prison camp is because they have the "Go Signal" of Former Department Of Justice Secetary leila Delima during the Past Administration.

Colangko bared that Delima Receives not Lower than 3 to 7 Million every month. A fellow Big-Time Drug-Lord Noel Martinez has  also decided to testify against the Senator.

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Duterte blasts De Lima: Immoral, used narco money as delima admitted she is an allege drug coddler during her speech in senate but most of all she was seen together with drug-lords from several party occasions evidence by a you-tube video taken by an anonymous source.

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — The justice department is building a case against Senator Leila De Lima over her alleged involvement in the drug trade inside the New Bilibid Prison.

Based on the testimonies of witnesses they have gathered,  Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre said they can already file a complaint against De Lima for violations of the Dangerous Drugs Act and Anti Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.

"Base lamang dun sa mga (Based on the) affidavit, pwede nang magfile ng (we can already file a) complaint and this could undergo a preliminary investigation," Aguirre said during a media briefing at the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Monday.

He clarifies though the department is still gathering additional evidence against everyone involved.

Last week, Aguirre revealed high profile inmates have come forward and expressed willingness to testify against De Lima, including drug convicts Herbert Colangco and Noel Martinez.

But they are apparently not the only ones spilling the beans on the former justice chief.

Aguirre said National Bureau of Investigation Deputy Director Rafael Ragos is also prepared to testify on what he knows--particularly, that he personally delivered drug money to De Lima.

This supposedly happened during his stint as Bureau of Corrections OIC director from 2012 to 2013.

"Magtetestify siya dun sa several instances na nagdeliver siya ng ₱5 million sa bahay niSecretary De Lima (He will testify on several instances when he delivered ₱5 million to Secretary De Lima's house)," Aguirre said.

Ragos's testimony will supposedly be backed by his former security aide, identified by the DOJ as a certain Junior Ablan.

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Immunity from suit

Aguirre said inmates and former prison officials  will be among the first witnesses to be presented during the Congressional probe on the proliferation of drugs at the New Bilibid Prison.

To encourage witnesses, including inmates, to open up and reveal what they know, Aguirre says they will be given immunity from suit.

He said he has discussed this with leaders of the House of Representatives and they agreed that it would be reasonable to grant witnesses immunity.

"Whatever they will say, hindi sila maaaring idemanda (charges could not be filed against them). It could not be used against them," Aguirre said.

The DOJ is also trying to get inmate Jaybee Sebastian, another high-profile convict, to testify against De Lima.

Sebastian is De Lima's alleged contact inside the New Bilibid Prison, and the person who allegedly collected drug money from various gangs for De Lima's electoral campaign in the May elections.

When all these are brought up at the actual Congressional hearing, De Lima is not going to be there.

The neophyte Senator does not recognize the proceedings and describes the inquiry as a sham.

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 Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) —President Rodrigo R. Duterte has "Tagged" Senator leila Delima as Invloved in Illegal Drugs popularly known as "The Allege Drug protector" as she has been seen in various occasions attending parties to DrugLords' allege birthday celebration and most of all she admitted that she is a drug coddler during her speech before the senate.

It was also reported that she did not cleanse the New Bilibid Prison or NBP for brevity during her term  on the speculative ground that she is a part of the group when foreign journalist discovered many photos inside the drug lord's cell.

Duterte, who went to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 for the arrival of the body of a Navy officer slain in a drug operation, told reporters that De Lima was the person he was referring to at Camp Crame earlier in the afternoon — wherein he said a lady senator had a driver/lover who had collected money from drug sources for campaign purposes.

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Duterte said De Lima even paid for a house for his driver — and added this was adultery because he was a married man.

De Lima, who got wind of Duterte's allusions at Camp Crame, had brushed off the allegations, saying these were "so foul" and she didn't want to "dignify" them.

"I'm surprised why the President has to resort to that. It's plain and simple character assassination," she said.

An evidently-hurt De Lima also appealed to Duterte, apparently wanting to raise the level of discourse — saying both of them were professionals, lawyers and public servants.


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Drug convict Colangco to testify vs de Lima and 5 other witnesses