North Korea's Air carrier Planes & Submarines loaded w/ Nukes Aimed to Annihilate South Korea & Washington while China Deploys 150k Troops w/ 110 Russian S-500

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North Korea leader Kim jung Un said in Pyongyang, they are all Ready to destroy and die should Trump make his first false move. Kim added that there is no need for Missles to used against America but rather they must be Nuke. China is ready to fight with North korea using all Nuclear Facilities to prove to the world that America are mad dogs ready to be slaughter. Some countries in Asia Condemns China and Russia for supplying deadly arsenal to North korea

By Sue-Lin Wong and David Brunnstrom | PYONGYANG/WASHINGTON

North Korean state media warned on Tuesday of a nuclear attack on the United States at any sign of American aggression, as a U.S. Navy strike group steamed toward the western Pacific - a force U.S. President Donald Trump described as an "armada".

Trump, who has urged China to do more to rein in its impoverished ally and neighbor, said in a tweet that North Korea was "looking for trouble" and the United States would "solve the problem" with or without Beijing's help.

North Korea's Air carrier Planes & Submarines loaded w/ Nukes Aimed to Annihilate South Korea Washington while China Deploys 150k Troops w/ 90 Russian S-500 should Trump strikes

Duterte: Uber & GrabTaxi Ends it's Operation this Year 2017 to Prevent Worsening Traffic

MANILA - Ride-sharing service Uber told President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday that government’s decision to suspend applications of its new vehicles would add to the pain of commuters.

In an open letter to the President, Uber said it was committed to find a “better solution” to address the backlog of applications, which had ballooned to 23,000, rather than suspend the process.

“It hurts everyday Filipinos and their families from making extra income while sharing their car; it hurts everyday Filipino commuters who waste four hours a day on average in traffic,” the company said.

“And it hampers the new administration's ability to lead by example in embracing technology to tackle a really hard problem: our common enemy of traffic congestion,” it said.

This ARROGANT former Filipino maid Loida Lewis turned Multi-Millionaire because of her husband's property is now acting more than President Trump by calling Her Country's President a Murderer without basis.

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The Problems with Poor Filipinos like Loida Lewis who was just a maid married to a multi-Millionaire American who just passed away. This LOIDA cannot accept she came as a Nanny instead of helping her people, she boasted the multi-millions she has just acquired from her husband then attacked a very respectable president of her country in which many world Leaders including USA President Trump has very high regards to Philippine president duterte.

This former Filipina maid Loida Lewis turned Multi-Millionaire because of her husband's property is now acting more than President Trump by calling Her Country's President a Murderer without basis. We Ask Trump to put this social claimer behind bars followed by a deportation proceeding on the ground of becoming undesirable filipino for insultingn inciting for rebellion in the philippines; and falsification of documents because she declared she was a teacher but her record shows she entertes the us as a "nanny". And to think Trump respects Philippine President Duterte to the utmost level evidence by their 7 minutes conversation on the phone which was described as by Yop Aides as very "Engaging and Animated".. She acted as if she did not came from poverty and moves like she can no longer look back at her past reality of being nothing and now just because of the money and the US citizenship STARTED TO BOAST. This is one of Filipino's negative traits.

Trillanes asks AFP: How do you deal with ‘lunatic’ president? -Reported by Philippine Daily Inquirer AGAIN?

What will be the military’s actions in case a “lunatic” president uses and abuses the power given to him?

This was one of Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV’s questions during the confirmation hearing of close to 200 military officials on Wednesday.

“Regarding that provision, the Armed Forces is the protector of the people and the state, there are actually practical applications of that,” Trillanes, a former Navy officer, said during the hearing of the Commission on Appointment’s committee on national defense.

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“Can I ask you sir regarding this hypothetical situation? If the Commander in Chief, the duly elected president would ask, out of a whim, the military to shoot all the civilians, what would now be the action of the Armed Forces in case such an order is given?” he said, directing his question to Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) spokesperson Brig. Gen. Restituto Padilla.

Padilla said the situation was manifested during the first people power revolt in 1986 that led to the ouster of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos.

“Based on history, the military never fired a shot because within the ranks of the military leadership, a serious debate was conducted,” the spokesperson said.

Trillanes then asked if all situations would be dealt with on a case to case basis, to which Padilla answered: “I would suppose, sir.”

“Because Edsa II happened also and the leadership of the Armed Forces withdrew their support against an incumbent president or a duly elected president,” the senator said, apparently referring to another people power in 2001, this time, against then president and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada.

“So it’s clear to the Armed Forces in case you have a lunatic for a president in the future—it’s just a hypothetical situation—who will now use and abuse the power given to him and assume that the Armed Forces will just follow every order given to them. So it’s reassuring to hear that, sir,” Trillanes added.

Before this, Sen. Gringo Honasan also asked Padilla if it was clear to the military that they were not a “Praetorian Guard” of any administration.

“Klaro na ba yun na ang AFP ay hindi Praetorian Guard o private security agency ng kahit na sinong administration? Is that clear enough to you and I suppose to your subordinates as it written in the Constitution?” Honasan, also a former military officer, asked.

“Because prospectively, we may be faced with a situation where we have to address the issue of Charter change and I guess your Congress as representatives of the people will need inputs from you para malinaw na malinaw na yan,” he added.

Responding to Honasan, Padilla said: “Yes, it’s very clearly enshrined in the Constitution and written clearly to our understanding.”

“May I cite a case in point where our understanding was manifested in action? May I cite the recent election? We said we were nonpartisan and we support the will of the people and we protected the ballots that were cast so our duty is not merely to a certain individual or a personality but our duty is entirely to the whole country and its citizens.”

“That’s why in the recent elections and the elections of the past where we have manifested our actions, we protected with our lives if need be the sanctity of the ballot because this is the voice of the people. That, sir, I think is the way I could explain our understanding of what is enshrined in the Constitution,” the spokesperson said. RC


Trillanes vows to go after Duterte, win or lose

Journalists outraged over Duterte’s kill comments

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PH Daily Inquirer Allegedly "Tagged" as the Yellow Black Propaganda Media. Netizens has Criticized how this medium of Communication promotes the Allege Anti Change movement of Duterte's Platform

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Manila, Philippines- one of the country's leading Newspaper, the Philippine Daily Inquirer has been allegedly "Tagged" by many Netizen as an allege "Bias" and Anti-Duterte "media" as it always aired more stories reflecting GOOD VIEWS AND AN ALLEGE FALSE SURVEY coming from  the so called Yellow aganda which has been branded as an allege opposaition for "Change"to President Duterte's Platform earlier.
Speculations revealed that this giant Mode of Communication has been allegedly used and paid by the Yellow to discredit the President and his cabinets together with all his vision for the Philippines.
As of 12:59 of August 16, 2016, a new headline was found to be very obvious that the Philippine Daily Inquirer is allegedly lifting high the "yellow" as the news is entitled as Aquino administration  was best so far, survey says

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THE AQUINO administration had a “very good” satisfaction rating in its last months and the best overall performance rating seen since 1986, according to a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.

Of the 1,200 respondents questioned between June 24 and 27, 66 percent were satisfied with the administration’s performance, while 17 percent were dissatisfied, and 17 percent were undecided.

This resulted in a net score (satisfied minus dissatisfied) of +50 in June, up 15 points from the “good” +35 (60 percent satisfied, 26 percent dissatisfied) in April.

De Lima urges Duterte: Monitor hearings on extrajudicial killings