Watch Video of Koko and Pinoy Alliance: We Discover Video Prove how Pinoy & Koko Supported each other during Koko's Re-election Victory and Koko is indeed pro-Liberal Party BUT uses Duterte's Name to chair him in Senate & won the election

Video vidence: MUST WATCH! Hungry for Power is what tagged Koko Pimentel by all People of the Republic of the Philippines and betrays our President Duterte by acting as Duterte's advocate to SPY under Liberal Party and of course used Duterte's name to win the Senate Post and Sits the senate Chair but his collor appears when he first appointed Delima to be the Justice Chair yet Filipinos disregard it but not until he fought back Congress just to Protect Delima is where we truy discern that he is a "Wolve amidts Sheep clothing".

TREACHERY: We Discover Video Prove how Pinoy & Koko Supported each other during Koko's Re-election Victory and Koko is indeed pro-Liberal Party BUT uses Duterte's Name to chair him in Senate & won the election


BREAKING: "Sobrang Dismayado at sobra rin Nalungkot si BEN TULFO kung Bakit Hinarangan ni KOKO PIMENTEL at Binastos ang KONGRESO sa pamamagitan ng LABIS ang Depensa niya kay DELIMA."

A Very Known and Popular Star of the Media Called "Bitag" Mr Ben Tulfo was seen for the first time very sad and angry because millions of people trusted KoKO Pimentel and casted their votes for Him because Koko defended Duterte then suddenly turn his back allegedly to duterte in exchange for delima and the YELLOW party. Tulfo was first seen very silent because of the very agonizing heartbreak he allegedly felt as to why KOKO PIMENTEL real color appeared and he allegedly felt betrayed as well.

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JIL Christian Evangelist ATTY Eddie Villanueva Calls ALL Filipinos to STOP Maligning President Duterte But Instead SUPPORT Duterte at all cost

 Villanueva added that President Duterte has meet almost above average in terms of Peace and Order problem of our Country in his 100 days in office and no President in the Philippine History has ever done that.

He has called all the Faithful to pray for our President on a deeper level because he is just human like all of us . He strongly condemn the acts of "Maligning" the President especially the name calling such as Psycho, Htler and many more as that is the work of the devil and never of God. He calls the filipino to respect the will of God putting Duterte as King of this nation

PROBE: Why is Lacson Questioning Duterte on Druglist? Lacson was Ex-President Joseph Estrada's Man who was allegedly Link to Drugs. IS LACSON PART OF THE DRUGLIST? -why afraid?


It is very much obvious that Former President Joseph Estrada was allegedly Link to Being the allege Drug Kingpin in the past and his second in command is no other but the Current Senator Panfilio Lacson who was  Ex-President Joseph Estrada's Man. Many Speculation that Lacson has been involved in many criminal activity such as the allege Kidnap for Ransom, etc then why  IS HE QUESTIONING THE PRESIDENT?

Senator Panfilo Lacson now wants an immediate review of all “narco” lists after President Rodrigo Duterte issued an apology to three persons that he had earlier named as alleged drug protectors.

READ: Duterte apologizes to 3 in drug matrix

“It goes without saying that the credibility of that list and all other narco lists involving other sectors for that matter have now become doubtful,” Lacson said in a statement on Wednesday.

Lacson said an intelligence report must be treated as “Confidential” even as a “Secret” or “Top Secret” document, depending on its security classification.

A narco list, just like an Order of Battle, he said, was a product of an intelligence workshop and should be disseminated only to personnel with the corresponding security clearance.

“Hence, making it public would not only warn those in the list — thus jeopardizing any ongoing intelligence operations — but also unnecessarily shame them or put their lives at risk,” said Lacson, who headed the Philippine National Police during the time of then President Joseph Estrada.

“Having said that, it may also be unfair to those who may not be correctly tagged as committing the wrongdoings as described in the intelligence document,” he said.

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan also urged Malacañang to seriously reconsider its policy of releasing such lists.

“It is violative of the right to due process when citizens are shamed in such a manner, their lives endangered and it subsequently turns out that they are in fact innocent. This is why we have judicial processes as the means to determine the guilt or innocence of an accused,” Pangilinan said in a text message to reporters.


BREAKING: Duterte names Local politicians, cops, judges in drug trade in Public and even his close friends were not spared.

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MANILA – (UPDATE) President Rodrigo Duterte, who is leading a relentless campaign against illegal drugs, bared on Sunday a long list of politicians and judges whom he accused of involvement in the narcotics trade.

This Druglisted people from local Government are named Nationwide via PTV 4 (Youtube). (Please kindly watch the long Video below) President Duterte called this people as the Narco-Politics and it has started during Aquino's term and there are other concerns which involveds allege Jail Guards in the National Bilibid prison whom it was already reported earlier prior to this latest Druglist

President Duterte's Battle against drugs is now becoming on fire were 600,000 were arrested and surrendered while around more than 400 addicts, pushers, druglords and even policemen who were related to drugs were killed in only a span of nearly 40 days after President Rodrigo Duterte took oath into office as President of the Republic of the Philippines

Duterte’s list straddled the entire country. He read the names one by one in a nationally-televised speech after midnight. He said the names were validated by the police and the military.

There will still be more who will be named in the coming days, weeks etc..and all of them will be given a 24 hour ultimatum to surrender or else, a shoot to kill order will be issued for their arrest.

Duterte names politicians, cops, judges in drug trade


Sass Rogando Sasot, a netizen who resides in The Hauge, Netherlands bravely stated the President Duterte’s Anti-Drug Campaign is the only solution we have to save our country. We have been living in the shadow of our previous Presidents who did not bother to have the guts to eradicate one by one those drug pushers, criminals, and addicts in the Philippines.

It was only then President Duterte who fulfils the needs of our countrymen, no corruption, no criminals, no drugs.

For those who mourn for the allegedly drug suspects that were killed and didn’t care about the countless number were raped, robbed, murdered and families destroyed by shabu.   

BEN TULFO to SEN. PIMENTEL: "Isa ka pa! Sige ituloy mo pa!" (Ipagtanggol si De Lima)