U.S. Republican presidential candidate, Mr. Donald Trump branded FILIPINOS as TERRORISTS & ANIMALS – Should be blocked from Entering Americas. Photo: The Washington Times

The most recent news is President Duterte of the Republic of the Philippines calls for a fistfight with Donald Trump, a  U.S. Republican presidential candidate, Mr. Donald Trump calling filipinos as "ANIMALS" but today he lambasted again the Filipino people by calling them -quoting- FILIPINOS as TERRORISTS – Should be blocked from Entering Americas. Photo: The Washington Times. 

We all know that you are doing this just to get more votes in the coming election showing that you don't want "Immigrants all over the world" but you forgot your History more than one half of Americans are immigrants and the white americans came from Europe, India and even Asia. 

Campaigning in Maine on Thursday, Donald Trump called for restrictions on immigrants from the Philippines and other countries with high rates of terrorism — and earned a rebuke from Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz in the process.


MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau)- Today, Duterte publicly challenged Trump to a fistfight — gloves off — after the American businessman-turned-politician called for the banning of Filipinos from entering the United States.

It is apparently Obvious that Donald Trump is saying those words because people in America hates Immigrants as they alledgedly took over their jobs and this is the very reason Trump is allegedly talking against Immigrants in order to win the votes of the Majority Americans. 

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump allegedly speaks very painfully how he describe the Filipinos and the rest of the third world countries popularly known as "the Immigrants" simply to create an impact on his presidential appearances and this is indeed as they describe  it as an allege "Playing Politics.

Calling an animal to a person or simply a discrimination is a already considered as a federal offense and Duterte, in behalf of the Filipino people Invited Trump for a fistfight in Manila an should he won't go to Manila Duterte added that he will go to Las vegas at Las Vegas, at the Trump Towers or at the MGM Grand Arena.”

The Trump camp has yet to respond to Duterte’s challenge.

Campaigning in Maine on Thursday, Trump called for restrictions on immigrants from the Philippines and other countries with high rates of terrorism.

In his speech, Trump listed several immigrants, mostly from Muslim majority countries — Afghanistan, Iraq, Morocco, Pakistan, the Philippines, Somalia, Syria, Uzbekistan and Yemen — who were arrested for conducting or threatening to carry out violent attacks, teaching bomb-making to recruits, and otherwise supporting terror groups.  He called them ‘animals.’