EU's & rest of the world Condemns Pres. Duterte because of VP leni's Video. Let's all support Robredo's Impeachment & Imprisonment.

EU warn the Republic of the Philippines especially against President Rodrigo Roa Duterte because of Leni Robredo's Video aired to UN.

FACT CHECK: Was Robredo's UN video a basis for EU warning? Answer is YES!

President Rodrigo Duterte, not Vice President Leni Robredo, is the highest official mentioned by the EU Parliament in its resolution against extrajudicial killings. Fact is all are baseless. Its like a firely that turn the entire valey burned. EU's & rest of the world Condemns Pres. Duterte because of VP leni's Video. Let's all support Robredo's Impeachment & Imprisonment.

Philippine VP Leni Robredo Must be Charged for "SEDITION" for Making Plans with Cohorts US Billionaire Loida lewis to Oust President Duterte

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Robredo, therefore, should be charged with sedition for plotting against President Rodrigo Duterte, an anonymous blogger suggested. She's even liable for graft, the blogger added, for supposedly using government money to do so.

The buzz started among bloggers known to be pro-Duterte, and gained traction when no less than the Palace communications secretary picked it up for his podcast: Vice President Leni Robredo is supposedly conniving with United States-based groups to oust the President.

The basis of their allegation: parts of an email thread on Yahoo! Groups that one blogger was alerted about, and which another blogger was able to preserve through an archiving service. 

So how solid is this #LeniLeaks, as they call it?

Duterte: Bongbong could be our new VP. Electoral Cheating was astonished as IT Experts Described how Smartmatic manipulated in the FACE of the Supreme Court

It was evidently apparent and proven how smartmatic hired by the "Yellow" TO Manipulated and change all BBM's Vote in areas like Mindanao where everybody there wants BBM. Liberal Party spends almost billions to let Leni Robredo sit the VP so they may take over in case something happened to Duterte but the Approval of majority Votes of the Justices of the SC only proves especially when they rule in fairness to Marcos Burial only signifies that the Cheating of Smartmatic is considered "CHECKMATE"

Finally, Bong Bong Marcos Established a "Doubt" that there was Electoral Cheating and Recount is for sure. There was even few counts of votes for Robredo as seen. How can LENI Accept her Loss of the VP Post in early 2017?

Bong Bong Marcos is assured Winner for the Vp Post early next year 2017. Smartmatic was heavily criticized by the Comelec Chief but all remains to be seen. Finally, I want you all to watch the video of the interpolation between Bam Aquino and Bong Bong Marcos. Bong Bong Marcos Established a "Doubt" that there was Electoral Cheating and Recount is for sure. There was even few counts of votes for Robredo as seen. How can LENI Accept her Loss of the VP Post in 2017? LENI also got more votes than Marcos in areas where there was completely no basis for it. For instance, in one precinct in the Muslim province of Basilan, according to one report, she got 529 votes while Marcos got zero. This was an incredible phenomenon that has no acceptable explanation. Generally, Muslims do not favor women holding political power or high office, so if there was anyone to receive a zero vote in Basilan it should have been Robredo rather than Marcos.

We strongly encourage you all to make a comment here in this website by simply saying "I Vote For BMM" because this will be counted here for the number of votes we already won against any "CHEATING" that may occur again. Please comment it here what I mentioned above saying " I Vote for BBM"

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JUST IN: LENI Worried over Alleged VP Recount. Change is coming to all people. Justice is now to be serve; Leni's Scam Triumph in the VP post will be uncovered

The Change of Duterte is now running to all maintreams in the Government from simple drug users up to Senators and Vice President as a sign of Total Over-Hauling. There is no more scape in Duterte's Justice System as this is the wrath of God brought to all evil and unrepenting people in the Philippine Political System and there will be gnashing of teeth from this Justice Power that has been given to duterte by God to be used for the Philippines alone. Let all wicked fear in sacloth and ashes for the day of the Lord is coiming to judge the evil people.

Filipinos: This Lady Philippine Vice President allegedly betrayed Her country By Supporting the Political Party who is a Drug protector just like she Betrayed her husband, ex DILG Secretary who fought drug but allegedly killed

LAYLAYAN. Leni Robredo joins her supporters at her send-off at Quezon
 City Circle on May 6, 2016. Around 9,000 supporters from various sectors and marginalized attended the event. Photo by Pat Nabong/Rappler

People of the Republic of the Philippines cannot Imagine why would a wife seems not mourning when her husband was killed due to an allege drug probe because as head of DILG thereby makes him the Head of the Country's Policemen during the past administration.

Sad story was the husband of the Vice president got killed in the process because of his Drug probe and it appeared he died on a plane crush. Was it a plane crush? or Murdered in cold blood. And why did the wife of Jesse Robredo ran as a vice president to the kind of Political party who is an allege suspect in the murder of her husband. Is she involved? This gives us the conclusion that She allegedly didn't only betray her husband but also betrays the Country by supporting the Liberal Party who is an allege People behind Drug Syndicate including the allege former President of the Republic of the Philippines.

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Richard Branson says Duterte’s war on drugs is useless: Why is this guy talking as if he can see the future? He is a foreigner who has not heard that Duterte Made Davao City as the THIRD SAFEST CITY in the world and is a Living PROVE IN HISTORY OF THE PHILIPPINES. This man does not realized that he is insulting and hurting majority of the people of the Philippines because of his cheap talk.

GMA-  Billionaire philantrophist Richard Branson on Friday backed calls for an end to the killings of personalities linked to illegal drugs—a series of deaths which have been blamed on President Rodrigo Duterte's declaration of war against drug dealers. Does it mean to say that because he is a Billianire, he already has the right to talk baseless and tackless words to our Preident who has proven his worth after making Davao City the THIRD SAFEST CITY IN THE WORLD. 

Like I said, this person is insulting not only the 16 million Filipino WHO VOTED DUTERTE but to the entire nation and President Duterte himself by interfering something which is not of his business.

In his personal blog titled “Duterte’s war on drugs is not the answer”, rights advocate Branson expressed doubt that the president could stop the drug trade in six months.

I don't think Mr Richard Branson is even aware about the Philippine Political system and the development which duterte has brought in our country for only 30 days. 

Why don't he shut up his mouth and start helping people because when he dies, he will not even be able to bring even a penny with him so better do good because life is short. Instead of talking bad against a person and the whole filipino people who supports the President of the Philippines. 


What profit for a man to gain the whole world but losses his soul?