Mom your "Love" is Healing in my broken Childhood

My Greatest Sudden Moments is when my Mom passed away on January 3 2015 and I saw everything was falling because I cannot imagine as an only son lost his Mom in the middle of happines because I just arrived from Singapore for a visit then suddenly she was pronounced death. Everything in me started to fall away But I see I don't own my Mother but it is GOD who does'..

How would you feel when someone you love most will just passed away in the middle of your enjoyment? How would you feel? How would you feel when everything is going UP then suddenly a very important person will just passed away like a twinkle of an eye..?  My answer is , it was very devastating. It's like you also die. As an only child of my mom, I still remember the times she was with me, guiding me and protectng me when things was going down and when I felt helpless. I also remember when I was into big troubles in school and in many things but my Mom keeps saying, it's alright son. You are the best. She always told me that I was the best even when everyone was saying I was leading to the gutter. But my Mom was right because her prophetic gift saying I was the best brought me to a Top management Career not just in the Philippines but in Singapore and the rest of the world travelling by doing business as "Regional Manager"..My mom gave me huge hope and encouragement everytime I was feeling lost. She was the only person who told me that "I CAN MAKE IT" despite all the odds around. My mom keeps saying I can make it even my emotions was destroyed and felt insecure in many times since teenager.

One thing I can say is:" One of God's greatest gift I ever had was my mother and that was irreplaceable. My Mom is unique gift of God but when she past away in January 3, 2015, I realized that I don't own her but God's...It is still hurting thingking about the beautiful memories she left me because I will no longer see her as long as I am here on earth yet I believe that one day, we will be reunited again and she will be the first person I will embraced so tight when I see her again. I wrote this blog to express everybody that you may have plenty of wives and husbands but there is only one mother existing for you. And most of all I am writing this here because I do really love my Mom and missed her to the MAX. I love you Mom, whereever you are, all I can say is Thank you so much for the Life you gave me and all the Love you showed me in many things where words cannot express.. Lastly, I want to thank God for giving me one of the most precious gift in life, that is my MOM. To my dear Mom, wherever you are now, I just want you to now that I will always LOVE you and it has no bounds. Thank you so much for all you did to my life. I really miss you until now... To God be the glory! Forever!