BREAKING: An Ally of the YELLOW Ombudsman Chief Morales to President Duterte, NBI & DOJ: "STOP wasting your time to SUE against Delima because "I WILL DISMISS IT" on lack of merit". (Watch Video)

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Oppositions hit the ball against Duterte on Delima case. It is a very quick and highly skilled technicallity done by the Liberal Party which Ombudsman Chief Conchita Morales declared a "BIAS" and a Pre-Judgmental Decisions with ARROGANT PRONOUNCEMENT making it appear that Delima will WIN despite charges was not yet filed Legally, they have the point on the issue of Jurisdiction on delima's case at the ombudsman but what did Delima do to Former President Arroyo arresting her NAIA without merit AS doj CHIEF?. This case needs a lot of common sense ON THE PART OF DUTERTE'S CAMP and must be dealt it the hard way by the camp of Duterte if they want to "Suffice" the case because legally they will be behind because only the Ombudsman has Jurisdiction against Delima not unless Duterte will use his Maigic "Common Sense otherwise known as "Santong Paspasan"

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Delima says:"File Case in the Ombudsman and Not with the DOJ because that is the proper Venue to her Litigation as she was a Public Servant. DOJ is not the Legal Jurisdiction to sue her. Aquirre Became Speechless.

MANILA, Philippines — Sen. Leila De Lima challenged those who want to sue her to file cases directly with the Office of the Ombudsman instead of the Department of Justice.

The senator noted that the Office of the Ombudsman is the proper agency with jurisdiction in cases against her for acts done during her term as secretary of Justice.

This statement was made after the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption filed a complaint against her before the DOJ over her alleged involvement in the Bilibid drug trade.

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Philippine Senator leila DeLima Threatens Captured Billionaire Druglord Kerwin Espinosa will be killed should he Testify against Narco Drug State Protectors which Delima is one of the biggest Drug protectors

The Philippine is now decared as "State of Lawlessless" and will suspend the "writ of Habeas Corpuz" soon which means there will be a "warrantless arrest because Politicians are now helping finance Terrorist in the South and  Senator leila DeLima Threatens Captured Billionaire Druglord Kerwin Espinosa will be killed should he Testify against Narco Drug State Protectors. Delima is one of the biggest Drug protectors. The Philippine terror on Drugs is beginning to be unleased as President Duterte is now whacking every druglords and terrorist to preserve the next Generations of the Filipinos .

Sen. Leila de Lima and suspected drug lord Kerwin Espinosa INQUIRER

Netizens were glad when Senator Peter Cayetano lambasted Delima during Senate Speech pointing out that Delima must stop creating trouble with Duterte's fight against drugs citing there are already 13% crimes and drug related cases were solved in just 30 days.

Metro Manila, Philippines- Senator peter Cayetano contradict Delima's cruzade against extra-judicial killings against duterte due to lack of prove and evidence.

Cayetano pointed out that military and police intelligence reports concluded that major killings were done because of self defense and most of all many pushers were killing each other to prevent pinpointing each other. Delima has seen the proven cleansing in the government even before President duterte took his oath of office and there are already hundreds of thousands are now in the PNP custody including Generals and Mayors and what duterte said before election is not a cheap talk as it is proven today so what has delima need to say?

Delima suppose to be happy but because of human reasons, she is using the so called "Extra-Judicial killing issue which is an old phrase and not credible just to disturb the serious campign of Duterte to curve crimes and especially Drugs who has destroyed many lives.

The Drug Pushers before are the ones' who own the high ranking officials and that was the reason why many drug cases are unsolved due to fears of many policemen of losing their jobs, Cayetano added.

Meanwhile, Senator Gordon and Senator Sotto, express support to the privilege speech of senator Cayetano as the Internal affairs is now taking the jurisdiction over the extra-judical killings but found out that all Police operations and killings are but legitimate as there are no cases filed against Policemen except those who are known for living  "On the Hook" and many already were arrested including generals. This interactions of Gordon and Sotto was made to point out Delima was surely Wrong and Bias.

VIDEO EVIDENCE how Poe, Leni and all the Yellow Joint forces to defend "DELIMA"